Legendary author Paul Theroux

By: Monte Mathews 



I caught up with Paul Theroux, famed novelist and travel writer, on a recent trip to Vietnam aboard Silversea’s Silver Shadow.  For 9 days, I was privileged to join Paul and his wife, Public Relations Guru and Trip Organizer, Sheila Donnelly, as we enjoyed a voyage of discovery with Paul, his work, and his attitude towards being Silver. Here is what we learned.

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He is one of the world’s most respected writers. His work has appeared everywhere from The Christian Science Monitor to Playboy Magazine where he won their “Best Editorial Award” for four years.  He served in the Peace Corps and was expelled for his involvement in a failed coup d’état in Malawi. In Uganda, where he went to teach, he wrote a book, “Girls at Play”, that so incensed the local population that an angry mob tried to overturn the car in which his pregnant wife was riding. His books have been banned in Singapore and South Africa. His novel about his time in Singapore, “Saint Jack”, was made into a 1979 movie. He has published 56 books, including 35 works of fiction and 21 of non-fiction.  But he is likely most famous for his travel writings. He is Paul Theroux, born in Medford, Massachusetts in 1941. And his life has been one of constant adventure which continues to this day.

With the 1975 publication of “The Great Railway Bazaar: By Train through Asia”, Theroux’s popularity was sealed.  The book, a main selection of the all-powerful Book of The Month Club, sold 35,000 copies and is still in print.  Theroux’s travel writing continued with “The Old Patagonia Express” in 1979, followed by “The Kingdom by the Sea” and “Sailing through China”, both published in 1983. “Riding the Iron Rooster” appeared in 1988, chronicling his travels by rail through China. His travel writing continues to this day. Soon after our interview, Theroux was headed to Mexico, the country of his latest fascination. 

To Buy Paul Theroux's Books:   Click Here

To Buy Paul Theroux's Books: Click Here

On May 8th,  “Figures in a Landscape: People and Places”, his latest collection of essays, will be released. The book has readers holding their breaths as Theroux’s versatility as a writer astonishes us with travels to Ecuador, Zimbabwe, Hawaii, and points in between.  He plumbs the work of fellow giants from Henry David Thoreau to Hunter Thomas. He shares his personal encounters with everyone from Elizabeth Taylor to Robin Williams.

For Paul Theroux's Interview: Click Here