All my life, it has been about hair. Hair this, hair that…from crewcut to spiked, it has always been a topic of conversation…so I decided to name my site “silver fox”, a term that’s been used to describe me many times. As you can see, it always goes back to the hair!

Salt and pepper are spices; they are also a hip hop act of the past. But, unlike those black-&-whites, silver fox seems more relevant than ever, since our evening news is anchored by Anderson Cooper, another “silver fox”… or so they say.

No matter where I go, who I’m with, or what I say, it always goes back to the hair: my “silver hair” that is.

People are always asking me why I’m such a “culture vulture”… I guess I just like to fill up my world with as much culture, music, and art that I can fit into my busy life. I hope to share some of my discoveries, explorations, and adventures from wherever I go around this great city and beyond.