The HipSilver  Valentine

The HipSilver Valentine

Hello HipSilvers. As you ready for a very vivid Valentine’s Day, we felt we offer our services and select some terrific tools to optimize the celebration of love.


The HipSilver selections to satiate and meditate on your wait for Love.


Jan Michael Jewelry

Sweater Cuffs

A HipSilver and Jan Michael’s Collaboration, these cuffs fit over your sweater in winter and compress to your wrist in the summer. Whether your lovely likes silver or gold, these cuffs are sure to sparkle.

Loving Lockets

Between work, travel, and our daily lives, we can struggle to keep our loved ones close by. Thus, to stay together forever, consider acquiring a locket. These gorgeous necklaces fit pictures of your beloved one(s) where you always see them.

Nifty Necklaces

Honestly, of all the days in the year, Valentine’s Day is when we deserve to look our best. These works of art will compliment your vest, dress, and all the rest. Their vibrant colors, vivid detail, and vivacious designs will surely captivate the amiable eyes of your Valentine.

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Creative Cuffs

Men deserve to match their mates in grandeur; thus, consider gifting a transcendent Tateossian Cuff. Combining traditional glamour and gems, elevated by eccentric innovations (using meteorite and dinosaur bones, for example), these cuffs will heighten the heart worn on your love’s sleeve.

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Need to create that amorous atmosphere to draw out that inner joy? Need to spruce your skin to sooth your affections? Creative Energy Candles has you covered on both. Their all natural, scented wax doubles as skin lotion. Click below to see more.

deivi Accessories

Handsome Horn

For those seeking something more exciting and exotic than the standard, golden gleam, deivi’s necklaces provide! deivi crafts recycled horn into elaborate, smooth shapes seamlessly stitched together to create a rich, geometric style.

Wonderful Wraps

Help your lover withstand the winter with a deivi scarf or cape. Handwoven with traditional techniques and improved through modern stylization, these wraps will warm the body and brighten the mind with their elegance.

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Sleek Magnifique

From Bombastic Brooklyn, Tracy Watts brings you these handwoven, charming caps. Made from 100% wholesome wool and humming in varying, vibrant hues, these hats comprise the perfect winter gift for the lovely ladies in our lives.

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Handsome Headwear

Invoke the mystique of Hollywood this Valentine’s with a Bailey-for-Bollman Hat. Produced by America’s premier hat manufacturer, these caps have decked the domes of Hollywood ranging from Charlie Chaplin to Humphrey Bogart. Chanel stardom through your man this season!

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