Mercury in Retrograde? oh, not again! 

Mercury Retrograde  - A Cosmic annoyance!

We all know the drill by now.  When Mercury retrogrades, Murphy’s Law has some real teeth in it. Whatever can go wrong, seems to.  

It’s easy to understand why Mercury Retrograde has such a bad
reputation, but the real issue is how can you strategize what to do about it.  Especially, since this particular Mercury Retro, from July 25th – 26th through August 19th, is getting an annoyance boost from it’s heavenly companion planets.  

What’s Up with Mercury?

There’s a T-square with Sun, Mars and Uranus that will probably exacerbate the usual Mercury Retrograde challenges this time, so let’s just figure forewarned is forearmed.  After all, Mercury impacts nervous anxiety, electronic devices, electricity in general, relationships, travel and communications… in this digital age, that’s a lot that can get screwed up.  

Three or four times a year Mercury goes into retrograde so it’s a recurring event, unlike most of the other planets who only retrograde once a year.  We are challenged by it, probably shower expletives on our computers for three weeks, and then, blessedly, Mercury goes direct again and we all go our merry way.

This time, a number of planets are retrograde at the same time Mercury is, so I believe a few cautionary words might be helpful:

  • Take extra care with your words – they can be easily misunderstood after the 25th.
  • Double check your postings before sending – make sure it’s what you reallywant to say or provoke.  Remember, Facebook is forever!
  • Watch out in business negotiations.  Don’t make big decisions or sign contracts if you can wait until after August 19th.
  • Be prudent when driving and traveling, (check arrangements twice), and if you can make the BIG trip after the 19th, by all means do so.  
  • The Uranus aspect and additional unexpected changes snafus can rev up tempers, arguments and over-reaction, (remember it’s not just youunder this influence, it’s everybody!).
  • Be flexible – be Zen.  Bend, don’t break. Go with the flow,  don’t fight the tide.
  • Don’t act rashly, don’t rebel too hard against authority.
  • Patience is once again a virtue.
  • Remember, this too shall pass!

Mercury in Retrograde? oh, not again! 

The next retrograde happens November 16th to December 6th.

By that time, most of the other planets will have gone direct. So you’ll have plenty of time to calm down, regroup and let the next retro impact only your Christmas shopping.