(July 22 – August 22)

The stars impel, they do not compel”, said Isabel Hickey, a truly great astrologer.  Truth is, they may not impel you, but they certainly sometimes give you a swift boot in the fanny to nudge you in one direction or another!  Thisis one of those months.  The kind whose energies are powerful enough to kickstart you into action whether you want it or not.

So let’s take a look at what actions might be the best bets for your star sign in particular.  There are two heavenly trines– one in Water, one in Earth – that are showering blessings and light.  We’ll also have two eclipses that will be really shaking up the dance of life – what a month!  Get ready to transform and come home to your true self.  You may find yourself sharing your heart, connecting better in relationships and finding more comfort in your own skin, even if the month that gets you there also provides a bumpy ride.


You are in line for some serious fun and reward –  but you’re just a bit too wired and tired from all the work you’ve been doing to take advantage of the respite!  You’ve been frustrated by the slow pace of accomplishing your goals, but you’ll be back in high gear, anxious for action and at the top of your game very soon, so take heart.

Your health is dandy and whatever changes are happening within your family are all to the good in the long run.  People you love are redefining and evolving just as families are supposed to do.  So enjoy whatever downtime this month has the audacity to annoy you with, as everything seems to take forever to come to fruition.   Just try to  understand that even if your love life and finances seem  confusing and a bit discombobulated, they’re both going in the right direction… that, at least, will make you feel better!


          Best days:  1, 2, 3, 29, 30     Challenge Days:  14, 15



You may have to learn patience, my dear bull-like Taurus.  By the 26th, half the planets will be moving backwards, so no matter how much strength you use to batter your way through, you’ll still have to try to be patient and trust the Universe is handling things just right for you.  One caveat: don’t overwork or  push yourself – going with the flow will actually accomplish more.

You’re at a financial peak of the year, which should cheer you.  Something sweet and spiritual is on your horizon… health and energy are good… change and excitement, even changes of image may be in the wind.  The eclipse on the 11thmay actually shift your perspective and surprise you with something new and good.  After the 19thsome obstacles will fall away and you can move forward and focus on friends, family and fun, all at the same time!


            Best days:  4, 5, 31                  Challenges:  16, 17, 18




A brilliant new idea or direction is in the cards for you, dear social butterfly, but you’ll have to persevere and follow through to reap the reward.  Even if you’d rather initiate than follow-up, this month, it’s worth it to keep your nose to the grindstone.

You may find yourself bouncing from possibility to possibility and may even choose to make some lifestyle changes you’ve been thinking about for a long time.  Take action near the 26thand enjoy the results of your dazzling ability to dance between the raindrops and have others love you for it.

Next month will be your time to initiate action in the outer world.  This month is time for you to initiate actions and possibilities in your wonderful fertile inner world. You’re on the right track, so just keep going.


            Best days:  6, 7                                Challenges:  19, 20




I know things feel off kilter for you now, dear worried Cancerian – it’s because they are off kilter at the moment. Financial matters are tense, partnerships may feel rocky, yet if you can stop worrying and start believing it will all be alright, it actually will be! You just have to ride this month out and find ways to distance yourself from worry no matter how hard that is.

You can also fight back by reducing your schedule this month.  Let family dramas play out without feeling you must solve them all.  By month’s end, many of the issues that have been hanging on and bogging you down will be solved, so you can breathe a sigh of relief.  Truth is you worry too much anyway!  hanger-on issues will be solved so you can finally move forward with more confidence than you’ve had lately.

If you feel like a stranger in a strange land this month emotionally, try to conjure positive visions of your future … your very creative/courageous brain and heart have far more power to move mountains than you give them credit for.


            Best days:  8, 9                    Challenges:  21, 22, 23




Surprising Uranus makes you want to conquer it all this month.  And you absolutely can! But  I’d like you to take a deep breath and relook at the details… somethingmay have been overlooked and you’ll find it when you delve again.  Don’t let it derail you – you’re on a roll.

A third Solar Eclipse (a rarity) happens on the 11th– this one happens in your own sign of Leo.  You’ll be called on to redefine and redeploy your best talents and the effort will be worth it.  Since July 22 you’ve been in  great shape for jettisoning the unwanted in your life.  Even with Mercury in your sign retrograde til the 19th, you’ll have money-luck and self-confidence, especially after the 23rdwhen prosperity enters and stays happily for the rest of the year.  


            Best days:  10, 11             Challenge Days:  24, 25, 31




Hope you enjoyed some financial windfalls last month.  Once Mercury moves direct on the 19thyou’ll be able to see with clarity which way to go toward even more financial opportunities. You may be feeling both chipper and self-indulgent this month, so enjoy the bouncy, upbeat moment and have some fun.

The Solar Eclipse on the 11this in your 12th House of Spirituality and the eclipsed Sun is the ruler of your 12thHouse, so Gurus and charitable institutions in your life may turn out to be not as you expected.  However, you might find a lovely new spiritual path to follow that brings more fulfillment (to your surprise).  Your health is rosy and there’s a bit of other-worldly glam about you now that will get you noticed.  There may even be a new guru coming into your life so keep an eye out.


     Best days:  12, 13               Challenge days  26, 27, 28




You’re loving life now and feeling relentlessly, effortlessly optimistic this month! Enjoy every minute of being happily out of touch with the mundane realities.  There may be a bump in the road around the eclipse on the 11 this one that tests a friendship, but most everyone is being tested in some way by this eclipse-laden summer, so don’t fret much about it.

Jupiter is moving forward in your money house and after the 23rd, Pluto will give more oomph to your prosperity dreams.

Just keep a weather eye on your love life – it’s best to keep things light and entertaining as your search for “the One” could take you out of your usual social sphere into deep waters, while your real love may actually  be close to home.  Enjoy your fantasy fling if it appears, just remember it may be a passing fancy.


            Best days:  14, 15               Challenges:  1, 2,3, 29, 30




You may need to fine-tune your ideas in order to get them the attention they deserve this month.  Patience isn’t your long suit, so you may get antsy and try to force things – best not to do that before the 22ndwhen clarity comes and finances improve.

Mars is a little wonky this month making one of his rare retrograde moves, so your job may take you out of your comfort zone and you may feel you must push yourself and not get enough rest.  Truth is, it wouldn’t hurt to coddle yourself a bit and take a breather rather than try to force the Universe to do your bidding, when it has other things in mind for you.

After the full moon on the 26th, life will lighten up considerably and you’ll feel more like your confident, dynamic self again.


            Best days:  16, 17, 18                  Challenges:  4, 5, 30




Yet another solar eclipse on the 11thkeeps you (and the world) hopping.  There are changes and dramas all around, and there’s plenty that wants to nudge you into travel (your favorite thing anyway) – just don’t do it at the time of the eclipse, please.  You’re a traveler by nature (both travels of the body and of the higher mind) – also an adventurer by nature, but just stay close to home for the duration of the eclipse and there will be plenty of good stuff to contemplate right there before you take off again. Don’t worry, your grounding is just practical and temporary!

Your career is great, your prosperity (especially after the 22nd) is good but slower than you’d like.  You are alluring and particularly attractive to everybody now, so enjoy the glow.  Just don’t leap into love at first sight, you dear impetuous one.  Wait til next month for that.


            Best days:  19, 20                        Challenges:  6, 7




This is a great month for making contacts with expansive Jupiter, the planetary Santa who is currently on your side!  Venus too, is showering goodies on you and in the social sphere you’re hard to ignore.  The names and contacts you’re collecting now will bear considerable fruit in the future.

Your children, if you have some, may change direction, surprising you, but it’s best to let them do their own thing as you focus on career as that’s where the action is.  You may feel a bit besieged as a series of small to medium-sized irritating issues – yours and those of your spouse, parents or current lover – encroach on your Jupiterian good mood, but try not to take them to heart.  Life will lighten quite a bit after the 22nd, and even before that, you are well up to the challenges of home and hearth, because deep down it’s your very favorite place to be happy.


            Best days:  21, 22, 23            Challenge Days:  8, 9




Love, marriage and friendship may be tested this month.  The newest Solar Eclipse may stress-test your relationships and you’d love to escape the messiness on the drama.  You have great power in your career areas right now but personal issues may push and pull you in a frustrating way.  You are up to the challenge (it hits us all at times) but the juggling act of home/family and career can feel both exhausting and confusing to one who thrives on keeping things orderly and in their own lane.

You’re going to be busy and ping-ponged back and forth this month, so take good care of your health and try to find outlets for any stress that ensues. There are happy romantic opportunities for both love and reconciliation on the 25thand 26th, so hang in there and know that the glitches are temporary.


            Best days:  24, 25                   Challenge Days:  10, 11



Time to reallypay attention to your career, dear Pisces.  Changes are all around you and this is your chance to not just shine but dazzle, as multiple dramas are being played out around you. On the 23rdexpect good news to be coming your way.  

There’s lots of power in your 6thhouse of work and career now – and your mood reflects this.  People notice you in a new way and you can make the most of that now.  Let yourself glow and the world will notice!

Don’t be surprised if you’re feeling both elated by life’s wonders one minute and cynical the next!  Just try not to be overly critical of potential significant others because romance is definitely in the air, and if you choose to indulge in it you can – but not if you let your critical side rule and ruin some nice possibilities.

Finances improve this month, but not until after August 22nd.  Pay closer than usual attention to your dreams as the Universe uses them to send you important messages. 


      Best days:  26, 27, 28              Challenge Days:  12, 13