Curator: Monte Mathews


“Age” actress, Jeanne Moreau, wrote “age does not protect you from love, but love, to some extent, protects you from age.” So for whomever you love, whether a romance of years or a new flirtation, we have a few Valentine suggestions and a tried-and-true recipe by one of our own HipSilvers, Jonathan Reynolds.



Jonathan Reynolds, a writer for talk hosts such as David Frost and Dick Cavett, first published his recipe from the romantic Greenwich Village restaurant, La Tulipe, in the New York Times in 2000.  Read more about La Tulipe. 


Mr. Reynolds, a bachelor, discovered that a man cooking for a woman was wildly seductive. Every woman I’ve asked claims that a man cooking especially for her is an aphrodisiac. The New York Times also tested men cooking for men and women cooking for women and it had the same effect. So, if you want to impress, make this dish and you’ll have people falling all over you.

Before we get to our recipe, let’s get ready to host the object of our affection with some special Valentine’s Day items. 

Flowers are essential to any love courtship. Buy yours fresh that morning before you begin cooking. You'll need something beautiful to put them in when you present them. 

 Pink/Grey Dot Tray Set from Davis Studios

Pink/Grey Dot Tray Set from Davis Studios

Those flowers need something worthy of your love. We suggest a collection of vases from porcelain artist, Mary Anne Davis, who puts love into every piece she hand creates. We will showcase Davis Studios in the near future.

"Dishes are art supplies for adults" says Mary Anne Davis. Setting the table is an opportunity to express private creativity. Food is the next layer of the event. As a delightful ending to this marvelous meal, may we suggest these superb hand crafted chocolates from Chocolate Springs. If every aspect of the meal is considered and chosen with enthusiasm, the meal itself has energy and conversation flows like magic. 

Now to the recipe.