Curator: Monte Mathews


Monte's passion for food comes from his family. His physician father read Gourmet Magazine aloud, corned his own beef and enjoyed nothing more than a great dinner out.  Monte’s mother loathed cooking and anything to do with the kitchen. As a result, Monte’s palate was developed as a child in the restaurants in Montreal. His interest in cooking, soon became a real passion. Food and travel are the subjects of Monte’s Award-Winning blog, www.ChewingTheFat.us.com. He is also sharing with HipSilver ways to make our lives more exciting with everything that food and travel can do to enrich our world.









Long before HipSilver was a glint in my eye, I witnessed the arrival of Bison or Buffalo in my local supermarket. A Day-Glo Orange sign heralded its arrival in the meat case. Not only had it arrived but it was billed as “The Meat of the Future”.  A chart compared it favorably to both beef and chicken. It was lower in cholesterol, lower in fat, higher in protein and, from its particular purveyor, free of all those pesky antibiotics. To be fair, there was an asterisk next to chicken.  It had to have its skin on to fail so miserably in those comparisons. The man who presided over the meat counter could not say enough good things about it. Its taste, its texture, the ease of preparation were all music to the meat department. It had to be slow-cooked of course but it was altogether a new item to add to any cook’s repertoire. Add it I did, and I’ve continued to enjoy it several times a year. I discovered a world of roasts and steaks and even sausage!. If it’s not on your bucket list, it should be. The story continues!