Reviews for Snore Essentials


Thank you again for your amazing products that continue to heal, nurture, and improve the well-being of my loved ones and myself.

My amazing husband snores. We have been sleeping in separate rooms for over 10 years with the exception of our camping-trailer trips. I am not alone when I say my sleep is important to my temperament for the following day. I also snore, but quietly! When you approached me to try your new Snore formula, I jumped at the chance to reconnect with my husband. We tried 5 drops of the concentrate in ½ cup of water in our diffuser. The additional oils provided were lightly used on our chest, neck, and behind our ears. My husband was reluctant as he is not a fan of strong smells. We both were pleased with the slight citrus scent. The first night we tried it in our home, we read in bed before falling asleep as the diffuser was going, but we were unaware of any scent at all. We both woke after an incredible and deep sleep. No Snoring!
The next night we were in our camping trailer at Mt. Rainer. Sleeping in our trailer can be a challenge as there is no other place to go if one of us is bothered by the snoring. Again, great success! We decided to really put this formula to the test on the 3rd night and enjoy a bottle of wine as my husband’s snoring can wake bears after alcohol. With no changes to our new nightly routine, we again slept! No Snoring!
Today is one week since using your new Snore Product. One week of No Snoring! One week of feeling like a real couple again. One week of a restful, deep sleep for both of us. Thank you for changing our lives, making our sleep restful, and changing and enhancing our relationship.
With much appreciation,

Kelly Nebres
Gig Harbor, WA.

I wanted to write and let you know how much my husband and I love your Snore Essentials. In the last couple of years, my husband has started to snore. Often, he would wake me up with his snoring, resulting in me waking him up and asking him to roll over. Needless to say, we would both suffer from restless nights UNTIL we tried your Snore Essentials. It worked the very first night! I thought it was a fluke (I should’ve known better; I’ve been using your products for 16 years and they all work). I run the Snore Essentials through my diffuser in the bedroom for a bit before bed and my husband or I rub it onto his chest, neck, and behind his ears right before he goes to sleep. It worked the first night and has worked every night since. We all win! He gets a mini massage nightly, we both sleep better, and it smells delicious. As a side note, I am not a fan AT ALL of lavender; however, I LOVE the aroma of Snore Essentials. It’s fresh and wonderful. Thank you for this tremendous product and all your products.

With gratitude,
Marlo Knight

I started using Snore Essentials for insomnia and snoring. I find it tremendously beneficial as it relaxes my mind and body and provides huge relief for my snoring. I have spent years with congestion at bedtime and I have seen a drastic improvement.

Mary T
Carrboro, NC


When my partner used the oils, it quieted the freight train. It went from loud snoring to heavy breathing to normal breath. 
In the early morning, the snorting came back. A little poke would change the breathing to quiet again and I saw a tremendous difference in his breathing. When I asked how he experienced himself, he said he was unaware of anything happening. However, I was able to sleep and get a good rest myself. It’s an incredible formula and I’m grateful for it. Thank you Elizabeth!

Anonymous and grateful sleeping partners
Novato, CA


Since using Snore Essentials, my husband and I are sleeping so soundly we no longer notice each others’ ‘special noises’ if, indeed, they are there at all.
I love the fragrant Snore Essentials, one drop at night and I am out.
I even used it this morning as a calming remedy.

So, it sounds like if your partner wakes you up after several hours of peaceful sleep, you can bless them with a drop of Snore Essential and quiet will again follow.

Joanne A.
Beverly Hills, CA.


I haven’t used it regularly but a handful of times. Vanessa can be a pretty light sleeper and on the nights I used it, she had no snoring to report so it seems to work! This was just the oil on the skin as opposed to putting it in a diffuser. 

Max Goldblatt
Los Angeles, CA.

I do not have a snoring problem, but, in recent years, I have developed nasal congestion that keeps me from going to sleep and often awakens me multiple times during the night. The only product that offered any relief was an over-the-counter spray that has severe warnings about prolonged use. Taking your advice, I have been on a combination of Argentyn 23 and Snore Essentials.  This combination has provided CONSIDERABLE relief to my nasal congestion without the risks associated with chemical nasal sprays. Thank you!!

Richard Venne
Gig Harbor, WA.


It is hard to tell since no one is around to confirm, but I think the Snore Essentials is working; I have not been waking up with a dry mouth. I also haven’t woken up to a snore since I started it!!

Cheryl Friesen