Reviews for the Immune Collection


I have been using the ImmuAir in my store – everyday. We have tourists from all over- sneezing and getting off planes with germs. Neither my husband nor I have gotten sick from anyone at the store! It works.

Rachel Collier Hammond
Palm Spring, CA.

ImmuShield and ImmuAir saved me on my recent cruise. Everyone around me got sick, so I used these religiously and never got sick!!

Lisa Rescorla
Federal Way, WA.

I bought ImmuShield for my daughter in law about 6 months ago because it seemed like my grandson, son and daughter in law were always getting sick. I recommended that she put a drop on my 2 year old grandson’s foot too, so he would be protected. She began doing so, and now months have passed with them being well. During a recent phone call with my daughter in law, I heard my grandson asking for something in the background. My daughter in law was responding “yes, honey we can put that on your foot now”. I inquired as to what she was putting on his foot and she said ImmuShield. That’s when she told me that he asks for it. She said she believes he knows that his body needs the support.

Gotta love the intuition, even at the age of 2!!

Sue O’Brien,


Upon entering my Mom’s hospital room, her face lit up with a smile and she said “well hello!” Nothing like I found 3 days earlier when she was rushed to the hospital being “unresponsive” in her nursing home.  She was in a coma from an intense blood infection caused by an unchecked bladder infection. Her white blood cell count was off the charts. But today she was different.

I began to tell her about the ImmuShield that so powerfully affected her quick recovery. My sister stayed with her around the clock and applied 3 drops on the bottom of each foot every four hours to help her body fight the infection. We prayed diligently and faithfully applied the oil while she lay under the induced coma for days. 

We watched the miracle happen, she steadily got better.  Her vitals stabilized, her kidneys began to kick back in and she recovered.

Thank you Elizabeth for your love and diligence in formulating such great products.

Deanna Anderson

Auburn, WA.


My husband and I lived in India for most of the last 3 years. Before leaving I consulted with you and you provided me with the ImmuAir Spray and ImmuShield which I used regularly upon moving to India. I took simple precautions of being careful with food and water. I traveled extensively all over India in various contexts from 5-star to very modest and in the entire time suffered only two bouts of diarrhea and one episode of vomiting. I must add that I spend a great deal of time on airplanes internationally, on long and dehydrating flights, with unpredictable sleep and food and yet have had only one cold in the last 3 years and no other maladies to speak of. I am absolutely convinced that the robustness of my health has to do with the support of your products. Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing your healing gift with us!


Heather Robinson, MA
Founder and Principal Consultant
Success Across Borders
Training and Organization Development for a Whole World


I am a professional singer and am currently recording a vocally challenging CD. My husband gave me the “ImmuAir” as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. I was concerned about traveling planned for January the following year. In all I was on 4 flights during the typical “cold/flu season”. On my return flight, I was seated next to a Biological Research Physician.  He was quite taken with the product and asked for the contact numbers as he traveled frequently and complained of getting sick each month of the “season”. I am very pleased that I have not suffered any respiratory, viral or bacterial infections this winter, and continue to utilize the product whenever I am in unventilated, crowded public areas. Knowing I have a barrier to protect my health from unsolicited airborne particles is very comforting. Thank you.

Julie Morgan McCoart


I’ve suffered from sinus infections for years and have a dysfunctional Eustachian tube from a burst eardrum. Orthodox medicine had nothing to offer and I even tried reflexology. I put ImmuShield on my feet and Rapid Relief directly on my ear out of sheer frustration and for the first time in years I have no pain in my ear and can hear again properly.  Thank you for these wonderful products.

Marilyn Donovan, High School Teacher

Columbia, MD.


This product is truly a godsend. I have suffered from chronic sinus infection for at least 20 years. I have tried numerous remedies without success. I began using ImmuShield about two weeks ago and am amazed. I no longer have the nonstop drainage or headache and can carry on a conversation without having to clear my throat constantly. Because this oil also kills bacteria we have noticed that we no longer have a body odor when we sweat and that is a real plus during this very hot weather. Thank you Elizabeth!

Mary Friday

Tri-Cities, WA.