Reviews for POISE & MenoPoise Essentials Kit


“I have been using Poise as directed since 15 March 2007. I had rather abruptly stopped menstruating in November, 2004 at the age of 50. I had one more menstrual period in September, 2005. Since ceasing menstruation in 2004, I suffered vaginal dryness such that sexual intercourse became too painful. My husband and I tried lubricants, but nothing seemed to help. I became despondent and complacent, thinking that the erotic chapter of my life was simply over. Within weeks of beginning to use Poise, I noticed increased vaginal moisture. WELL, on the 12th of April, I was VERY surprised to find myself at the beginning of a full and “normal” period of menstruation. This weekend, 4/22/07, the weekend of our 23rd wedding anniversary, my husband and I were able to engage in pleasurable intercourse without any supplementary lubrication. We are immensely grateful to you! I feel like I have gotten such a precious privilege back! Thank you and bless you.”

Heather Robinson and Tahir Akram
Kent, WA

“I have struggled with severe menstrual cramping and heavy flow since my very first period. I finally tried Poise, after being introduced to it in the chiropractic office that I work in. I was completely amazed it halted the cramps and pain within 15 minutes of applying the oil. It also reduced the flow and amount of clots. I will never be without it again. Not only did it relieve the pain and symptoms better than any other medication or product I have used in the last 20 years, it also is drug and side effect free! What more can you ask for?”

Kerry Armstrong
Missoula, MT

“I felt a difference in my hot flashes within four days of using Poise. I am still having them, but they are definitely less frequent and less aggressive. Thanks for making the MenoPoise Essentials Kit. It’s lovely.”

Claire Hadley-Davis
CranioSacral Therapist
Topanga, CA

“I was having some problems with my menstrual cycle: painful cramps, heavy periods, and stress. A friend recommended the MenoPoise Essentials Kit to me. I tried it, and it has been very helpful to me. Poise and Serene are wonderful products. I use them every day and they have been great for me. Thank you.”

Shari Bice
Kalaheo, HI