Waiting around in quiet desperation for a hot invite to a barbecue?
Praying it won’t rain, so you can plant yourself on a lawn somewhere to wait for too often, the “same old” fireworks?

Well...this year, on this Independence Day... how about giving those fireworks some space and decide to declare your own Independence Day?! Your very own Fireworks of Change...

Why wait around for that New Year’s Day every year to make the same old new commitments (that we very often do not enforce), in our journals, to our friends, to the Universal Order or to the walls in our bedroom? We can just declare that this July 4th will be the beginning of a new slate, a proactive pickup, and a host of other things that we have let slip down the pipeline from the time we took that New Year’s vow...yeah...half a year ago!

To make it actually mean something, it would be best if it were ceremonial.
This is one way to do it.
Get yourself a glass of something that turns you on... some wine, beer, coffee...or if you’re not turned on by any of that, maybe some ice cream would do. Either go to your nearest fireworks location, or pull those crackers up on the tube. But it is most important that before they start, you sit down with a pad or a blank book...nothing called a “journal”...too evocative of New Year’s! The only thing to think about is, what is the kick-butt dynamic missing in your life? Just pick one major one. Could be social, could be business, could be anything. Then...wait for the fireworks to begin. With each new burst of shapes and colors, write down what comes to matter what it is, could be change of career, new hot fun to share with your partner, standing up to your boss, writing your first novel...anything. Let it roll onto your paper with each new shot into the sky. And on the finale, as everything bursts into divine madness, tear up all the papers that you wrote on.

You will probably walk away with a new spine! (And if you happen to be in the house, head for the kitchen and eat anything that appeals to you.) You are the boss of your own future...and you are the most colorful and flying firecracker of anything that you have seen this evening, anywhere.

You will remember what you wrote, what you felt and what that surge of adrenaline felt like, pouring into your whole body.

But if somehow you can’t remember, don’t worry. There will be another 4th of July next year. will remember this. You’ve always got New Year’s Day in about half a year.
Not too long to wait.