Claudia Colli Smith


I first met Claudia Colli when we bought our home on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. She is the former Publisher and Editor of the “Welcome” magazine which greets visitors to the BVI, and is now their Consulting Editor. She is the author of several guidebooks to the British Virgin Islands and is currently researching a book on south Florida where she is a part-time resident. We became close friends. I have read every edition of the “Welcome” magazine and given it to visiting friends. She is a wonderful writer and has a great eye for product and discerning taste. HipSilver is excited to begin exploring the Caribbean and other sunny regions with Claudia for outstanding resort products and stories.


A denizen of the tropics, writer, and Resort Curator, Claudia Colli spent 30 years as Editor and Publisher of The Welcome Guide, the premier tourism and lifestyle magazine of the British Virgin Islands. She has freelanced for yachting magazines, newspapers, and travel publications in the US and Caribbean and has written two guidebooks on the Virgin Islands. She is currently working on books on South Florida and the Caribbean’s Indigenous Indians. Claudia has a flair for warm weather styling and a love for the colors and textures of the tropics. She currently divides her time between the British Virgin Islands and South Florida.