Alex Valcic


Alex, a graduate of Columbia University, has been working in business services for over 30 years, specializing in human resources, talent acquisition, management, and sales. He began his career as an intern at The Consortium, an IT consulting firm, and grew to become a full partner bringing in at least a third of the total gross revenues. In the late 90’s, Alex and his partners sold the Consortium to RCM Technologies, a publicly traded company.

Not ready to retire, he started working as a consultant to help companies reinvent themselves by defining and focusing their core businesses. He has worked with companies across the United States, Europe, and India such as Bic, Citigroup, Macmillan Publishing, to name a few. 

A true HipSilver, he loves a challenge and enjoys working with startups helping to create business discipline to support great ideas.

He also understands the importance of volunteering at this stage of our lives and has done so with the Oratorio Society of NY, the NY Gilbert and Sullivan Players, and the Blue Hill Troupe. Currently, he is involved with Hudson River Community Sailing, an organization teaching STEM via nautical arts to inner city school children. 



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