HipSilver Culinary will showcase the Seasoned Cook and Celebrity Chef Evenings seriesThese video series will take you into the homes of celebrities in the worlds of entertainment, sports, politics, and hospitality, who will allow Hip-Silvers into their homes and kitchens to create their favorite dish or meal with our curator. Celebrity Chef Evenings will host a small audience and teach them how to create their signature dish, paired with wine and conversation.

We will offer cookbooks, aprons, potholders, specialty food items, and accessories related to this elite glimpse of Seasoned Cook and our Celebrity Chef Evenings events for sale. The videos will be available for rent or purchase on the HipSilver site.





A Seasoned Cook is an optimist and a story teller who knows a thing or two about how the world works.  After years of experience, Seasoned Cooks have perfected several dishes: their specialties. The stories behind these special dishes are as interesting as the recipes themselves.

To be a Seasoned Cook is to do more than one thing really well. Some of our Seasoned Cooks are also musicians, actors, sportsmen, filmmakers, executives, doctors, or firefighters, but they've all got two things in common: a recipe for life and a willingness to share their culinary masterpieces.

The enjoyment of learning how to prepare and cook a dish worth remembering will be highlighted in each show along with the story of what makes this special. 



HipSilver will also offer Celebrity Chef Evenings for our specially invited subscription guests, hosted by HipSilver and our featured Celebrity Chef at the famed Ramscale Event Venue, located in the historical West Village Highline district with panoramic views of lower Manhattan, New York Harbor, and the Hudson River.  Ramscale is one of the most spectacular private locations in New York City and the perfect location to pair food, wine, instruction, dining, and conversation.  The evening will help support a charity of the celebrity chef's choosing.  We will photograph and video-tape these evenings, featuring a clip on YouTube and Facebook to create a demand for these Celebrity Chef and guest evenings.


Each video will rely on the personality of the Seasoned Cooks, sometimes their friends and, of course, the quality of the recipe. It will be the perfect mix of food and entertainment.