Roxanne Duval


Roxy lives in Massachuchets and has been a friend of mine for many years. She is one of the most stylish, elegant women I’ve ever met. She peruses the internet for the most fashionable and comfortable clothing and is more than willing to share her insights with the Silver Generation. The thing I like about her is that she’s trendy without being trendy; none of us want to dress like our grandchildren but we want to stay relevant and comfortable. She’s going to contribute anything exceptional she finds to HipSilver.


A true fashionista, Roxie fell in love after seeing her first Seventeen Magazine at the age of 12. She’s had a "passion for fashion" ever since. Her core belief is: "what you wear is an outer expression of the inner you and it varies from day to day with your mood and inspiration".

Roxie follows the latest in American and international fashion. She is excited to find ideas and options that speak to the HipSilver Generation. She is constantly on the lookout for unique, comfortable clothing that evokes classic and timeless elegance. Coming from an educational administration background, Roxie has just the right amount of composure and modern flare.


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