Monte Matthews



Monte Mathews was born with travel in his blood. His grandfather was a hotelier and Monte’s first summer job was as a bellboy at Chateau Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies. His business career took him to 6 continents where his fluency in French, Italian, English, and Spanish served him well. He has stayed in accommodations ranging from a tent in South Africa to villas in St. Barth’s. He explores the world looking for authentic experiences, great places to stay, and superb food in any setting. On HipSilver, Monte aims to share his take on everything from what to see, where to stay, how to get there, and, of course, what to eat.

Monte Mathews’s passion for food comes from his family background. His physician father read Gourmet Magazine aloud, corned his own beef, and enjoyed nothing more than a great dinner out. Monte’s mother loathed cooking and anything to do with the kitchen.  As a result, Monte’s palate developed through restaurants in Montreal. His interest in cooking was out of necessity and soon became a real passion.  Both food and travel are the subjects of Monte’s Award-Winning blog, Monte plans to share ways to make our lives more exciting, more fulfilling, and more of everything that Food and Travel do to enrich our world.