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Dolma - Thigh Length Kaftan, Silk Wraps and PJ dressing for high summer!

Dolma is always on the cusp of chic styling with significant bias cuts for the Silver Generation. We love the shorter caftan for casual encounters or over your favorite top and bottoms for summer! Here are a few ideas to kick up your summer ensembles. We are naturally in love with the print on print, but the summer med length kaftans allow the versatility of styling your own personal look! Happy Summer to all of you!

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HIHO Caribbean Style

“Our HIHO clothing is based on the tropical lifestyle we love so much, and is influenced by our pristine environment and island life,” explains Andy, whose wife, Fran, and two boys share Andy’s love for water and sailing.

HipSilver founder, Gail Bruce, who has a home in the British Virgin Islands, and resort curator, Claudia Colli, are pleased to showcase this one-of-a-kind line of tees, cover-ups and cool cotton and linen apparel on HipSilver.

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Uma | Raquel Davidowicz

We have been looking for a modern, minimalist collection that caters to all ages and is timeless. I discovered the UMA collection on an Instagram influencer feed of a lovely looking woman in her sixties. I was intrigued and fell in love with both the model and the style of her dress. Said style captured a creative woman that could be of any age or profession. In fact, Raquel takes inspiration from many influential Silvers such as Actress Tilda Swinton, Artist Anni Albers, and Dancer Pina Bausch. We reached out to the designer, who returned our note with enthusiasm to be featured on our site and shop the store in SOHO, New York. It is our pleasure to present the UMA S/S 19 collection for you to enjoy.

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East Village Hats - Polka-Dot Collection

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I introduce Julia Emily Knox, proprietress of East Village Hats and milliner extraordinaire. I usually visit her hat shop during my trips to NYC to be enchanted by her artistry and a superb millinery experience! I have been a fan or Julia’s “Urban Turbans” for several years and the beginnings of an East Village Hats collection in my hat room. 

Over a year ago, I acquired a top hat named the “Deadman.” Handmade by Julia from emerald-beaver-finish-fur felt, it’s four inches tall with a two-inch brim and fits like a glove. It’s one of the stars of my winter/fall hat collection, and I think of East Village Hats whenever I wear it. It always receives compliments wherever I go, and its color is unique and inspiring.

The shop is filled with an incredible selection of felts or straws, depending on the season. The selection of headwear to choose from is vast, both for men and women. If  you are a hat lover and haven’t been to East Village Hats, it’s time to stop in for a visit. I’ve found it to be a fascinating destination filled with art and charm.  

I’m thrilled to introduce the polk-dot collection from Julia’s spring line to the Hip Silver community. The headwear is exquisite, and there’s a style and shape to enhance many a spring ensemble. There is nothing more captivating than a well-made chapeau! 

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Tracy Watts - Summer Collection 2019

Sadie Green’s was established in the early 1970s when one woman decided to make a living out of her love for antique jewelry. It was that love, along with hard work and ambition, that made Sadie Green’s what it is today.

Since the 1970s Sadie Green’s has grown to include a studio in Southbridge, MA and gift shops in Stubridge and Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Our jewelry collections have also expanded over the years and now include items of sterling silver and alpaca combined with semi-precious stones, pearls, and sea glass. These items are designed by us and handcrafted for us by talented artisans from around the world including Mexico, Bali, India, & Asia.

Sadie Green’s Curiosity Shop, in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, is located next to the Publick House and across from the Town Common. This is our original gift shop location. Not only is this location a great place to shop, but you can also enjoy some of the local events. During the summer there are Concerts on the Common, in October there is an Annual Scarecrow Contest and Harvest Festival, and in November there is a tree lighting ceremony.

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Alembika Spring 2019

US. Alembika was founded in 2005 by fashion designer Hagar Alembik, a graduate of the Shenkar School of Design, and Judith Fadlon PHD, an anthropologist.

Alembika Offers a collection suited to women of all ages. Specializing in the middle and large size range, to which Alembika’s layered look is especially flattering.

Alembika designs exclusive, high fashion clothing as well as an avant-garde line of leather bags and accessories,also designed by Hagar Alembik. Alembika aspires for you to feel comfortable with your body, not the body you are working on or fantasizing about but the one you have right now.

Alembika’s Spring Collection exhibits fun, vibrance, and exuberance; at HipSilver, we believe their clothing will compliment your closet.

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Elietian Jeggings

One of our favorite suppliers is Elietian. They created the light-weight summer leggings we absolutely adore. HipSilver is now introducing Elietian’s winter version called “Jeggings” and, defying possibility, they are even more fabulous! With a heavier gage and the same “one size fits most” quality, they are perfect for the cold months coming ahead. We are featuring them in winter colors of charcoal-black, blue, and brown. Jeggings can be paired with our favorite Elietian sweaters. Check them out and shop below!

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Elietian Wraps

One of HipSilver’s favorite suppliers is Elietian. Their wraps are wonderful: comfortable, stylish, and practical.

We just discovered that the Elietian Leggings are brilliant year-round. They have two variants: lightweight Leggings and heavyweight Jeggings "I recently wore them [the lightweight leggings] in the British Virgin Islands in temperatures of almost 90 degrees, and they were totally cool and comfortable. I found out this fall that the Jeggings featured here are one of the best leggings we have ever tried," says Gail Bruce.

Elietian is providing their Leggings to HipSilver in their full color palette and in two styles: cropped and full length.  We think you will find them an indispensable addition to your wardrobe.


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Alembika Winter 2019

It is my extreme pleasure to introduce you to our new women’s fashion curator, Yael Edelist. My assistant, on the day we hired him, said “you have to meet my friend’s mother; her philosophy is very much what HipSilver is all about.” He set up an appointment and Yael walked in the door. We’d discovered an incredible woman with quite a remarkable eye for fashion. Yael believes women over forty have a greater sense of themselves, are more comfortable in their own skins, and know what they want, need, and like. So, with the help of her mother and founding partner Roni Rabl, she finds clothing collections from around the world to satisfy the needs and whims of the Silver Generation. They are fun, different, and comfortable. We hope you love them as much as we do.

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Cockpit USA

What would be on the top of your wish list if you didn't have a stitch of clothing besides the rags on your back? That's the situation I faced when my house burned to the ground in the Malibu fire. The flames didn’t just impact my house but also my lifestyle. Overnight, this AirBnB SuperHost rose like a Phoenix as a Chic Nomad, grounded in the travel/interior design books I wrote and photographed, Safari Chic and Swahili Chic. Already introduced as your “Resident Nomad” on HipSilver, I floated the idea of a curated trip for HipSilvers. To Where? With my coffee table books, I'd taken readers on an armchair safari. Now was the time to take them to East Africa's "Secret Migration."  I turned to my favorite Safari Sage, Don Young of Newland Tarlton Safaris, to answer my question. "On safari, I'm never without my CockpitUSA pilot jacket" Don told me. "It's  like a second skin; I even sleep in it at fly-camps in the bush." Visions of Denis Fitch-Hatton and Beryl Markham stepping out of their biplanes in leather pilot gear immediately came to mind, and I imagined the look for this reborn "Nomad sans Residence." When I met CockpitUSA CEO, Jacky Clyman, I knew I wanted her brand covering my back, a brand captained by a tenacious polyglot world-traveler with a passion for the history imbued in fabric and style. An army-brat, Jacky has lived in 4 countries, learned 5 languages and celebrates the lore of fashion history. Married into a family of pilots three generations deep, Jacky signed on as co-captain with her pilot-husband, Jeff Clyman, because she revered the legacy of the jackets they re-created. "Pilots flew in cold, often wet, and always tight quarters," Jacky explained. "They were outfitted in garments made from stiff leather oiled to be waterproof with no pockets. To recreate the pilot jackers, we had to engineer a leather that was pliable, rain-resistant, with an aged patina and modern adaptions. "Soft and cozy on the inside, rugged and handsome on the outside, my CockpitUSA pilot jacket is my go-to jacket not just for safari but for my new journey from ashes to adventure as HipSilver's Travel/Lifestyle Curator and Transformation Travel Guide to bucket-list destinations.

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I met Hemangini last fall and was impressed by her ability to purvey silk scarves and handmade jewelry from India. At HipSilver, we delight in finding an artisan who supports local communities by hand; Hemangini does just that. She empowers the women she works with through the wages she pays and the ancestral crafting skills she preserves for future generations. We believe your wardrobes will greatly benefit from her efforts.

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Elietian Leggings

One of HipSilver’s favorite suppliers is Elietian. Their wraps are wonderful - comfortable, stylish and practical and they are still available in our shop.

We just discovered the Elietian Leggings are brilliant all year-long. "I recently wore them in the British Virgin Islands in temperatures of almost 90 degrees and they were totally cool and comfortable. One of the best leggings we have ever tried" says Gail Bruce.   

Elietian is providing their Leggings to HipSilver in their full color palette and two styles: cropped and full length. We think you will find them an indispensable addition to your wardrobe.

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Women's Dandy & Son!

Rashid Silvera, HipSilver Men's Fashion Curator, discovered an incredible shirt maker located in Oslo, Norway.  He told me about Trond Isnes, the founder/ceo of DANDY & SON, and shared with me how much he loved their extreme cut-away collar and that he was the proud owner of at least two dozen of them.  I liked the new, fresh look and thought in passing that it could be a great silhouette for women.  Then, the sample shirt arrived from Oslo, and I fell in love.  It was more than fabulous.  The fabric was top quality, the cut of the collar was unique and the perfect neckline to showcase a wonderful necklace, like the Jan Michaels Rose Quartz Rope shown in the photo on the left partnered with Jan's new sweater cuffs.  

Right away, I knew we women had to steal DANDY & SON away for ourselves to have the ideal "boyfriend shirt" for the Silver Generation.  I had my friends and some of our HipSilver Curators try them on.  Each and every one of them fell in love immediately. 

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Dolma Imports

"Growing up in California where the weather went from cold in the morning to hot mid-day and back to cool in the evenings, I became addicted to serapes, ponchos, and shawls. They kept me warm in the morning and evening and were easily draped over a shoulder at mid-day.  For years, they were hard to find. I even made my own wraps by stitching together shawls to create ponchos.  Now the fashion world has discovered wraps again and we are the benefactors.  Below is a beautiful variation on the cashmere wrap from Dolma Imports in North California."

Dolma began in 2004 as a single store in Menlo Park, California.  Today, they have expanded to five stores in the Bay area and they operate a wholesale business as well.  Dolma was founded on the idea that women’s apparel should be outstanding in quality, style, and comfort.  Their unique collection offers stylish women’s clothing and accessories designed with earthy and handcrafted details.  Their designers draw inspiration by visiting markets throughout South East Asia to bring you a soulful collection, handmade by gifted artisans.

Thank you, Yonten Raza, for your help in making this wonderful “Hip” wrap available for our Silver Generation customers.

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Elietian Dresses

Elietian is one of our favorite companies; their leggings are brilliant and have become a staple in my wardrobe. Now, I have discovered that Elietian has one of the best dresses I have ever run across for travel and everyday wear.  It can go from the beach to black-tie  just by the way it is accessorized.  It can be worn with a scoop to the neck to showcase your favorite jewelry or with the scoop to the back, creating a straight, ballet neckline with a low back.  It comes in their famous one-size-fits-most.  HipSilver is showing it in both long sleeves and sleeveless alongside two lengths: long (just above the ankle) and knee length.  And, to top it off, it comes in a variety of colors.  It doesn’t wrinkle and can be thrown into a weekend bag to cover all occasions.  It is now the new staple in my wardrobe.

We have photographed it on numerous friends to show you its versatility.  We hope you love it as much as we do. 

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Butterfly Wraps

As part of the HipSilver Generation and looking to solve a problem many women my age suffer, I designed The Butterfly Wrap. A few years ago it was extremely hard to find a poncho or serape that was light weight, sheer enough for summer weather, and covered all those areas that we no longer want to expose to the public, like baggy arms. No matter how many weights I lifted or exercises I did or creams I used, my skin still hung there daring me to hide it. So, I started buying pashminas and stitched two of them together to make my own wraps, but they never hung properly and I didn't like the fringe at the bottom. 

Through a friend, I hired Ralph Lauren's pattern maker. With his help I created a curved bottom without the fringe, and the Butterfly Wrap was born.  

The Butterfly Wrap is intended to be worn with all those sleeveless dresses and blouses you love, don’t want to part with, and no longer feel comfortable wearing.

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