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I met Hemangini last fall and was impressed by her ability to purvey silk scarves and handmade jewelry from India. At HipSilver, we delight in finding an artisan who supports local communities by hand; Hemangini does just that. She empowers the women she works with through the wages she pays and the ancestral crafting skills she preserves for future generations. We believe your wardrobes will greatly benefit from her efforts.

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Amy Cousin Jewelry

I met Amy Cousin at a Jewelry Show. Her craft immediately stuck out to both of due to its fascinating, unorthodox design. She was combining semi-precious gemstones with…junk! Upcycling is Amy’s design philosophy, helping the environment by re-using manufactured items otherwise sent to junkyards. I was amazed not only by her commitment to the world we live in, but also with the final results! She powers old metals, circuit boards, and more with special gemstones to breath new life into these discarded objects. I’m so happy she joined us at HipSilver and certain her unique style will enthrall you.

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Soul Thankful Jewelry

My partner and I enjoy traveling on the weekends, visiting small shopping markets, and discovering all sorts of unique items. On a fall trip, we went to see a friend who was a yogi and a budding ceramicist in her element, showing her creations in a group show. She introduced us to so many artisans and creative showings in her rural town of Blairstown. Along the way, we met Jana O’Connor and gleaned her genuine kindness and the spiritual nature that seemed to resonate from her. It is no surprise that she crafts a collection of Sterling Silver jewelry with aspirational and inspirational messaging. We happy to introduce hand-stamped gifts straight from her studio to our HipSilver family.

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Robin takes inspiration from the natural side of the Southwest. She mixes traditional gold and semiprecious stones with bone, naturally-shed deer antler, and more to create a unique expression of the beautiful world around us. In particular, we’re happy to feature the custom, jingle earrings she made for our HipSilver CEO, Gail Bruce which have accompanied her for many ceremonial practices.

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Sadie Green - Collection of Antique Reproduction Jewelry

Sadie Green’s was established in the early 1970s when one woman decided to make a living out of her love for antique jewelry. It was that love, along with hard work and ambition, that made Sadie Green’s what it is today.

Since the 1970s Sadie Green’s has grown to include a studio in Southbridge, MA and gift shops in Stubridge and Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Our jewelry collections have also expanded over the years and now include items of sterling silver and alpaca combined with semi-precious stones, pearls, and sea glass. These items are designed by us and handcrafted for us by talented artisans from around the world including Mexico, Bali, India, & Asia.

Sadie Green’s Curiosity Shop, in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, is located next to the Publick House and across from the Town Common. This is our original gift shop location. Not only is this location a great place to shop, but you can also enjoy some of the local events. During the summer there are Concerts on the Common, in October there is an Annual Scarecrow Contest and Harvest Festival, and in November there is a tree lighting ceremony.

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Jan Michaels

I first met Jan Michaels in the early 70’s when I was producing television commercials. She was among the most uniquely stylish and interesting women I had ever met. At the time, she was married to an art director who worked with my husband, Murray. They moved to San Francisco and separated, but Jan and I have stayed friends for over 40 years. It’s a delight to behold her studio, stocked floor-to-ceiling with incredible objects: semi-precious stones and bits and pieces she finds all over the world to weave into the most unusual, wearable art, the Jan Michaels Collection.

As a jewelry junkie, I was always frustrated in the winter because my favorite cuffs lay unseen under my sweaters. So, Jan Michaels and HipSilver have come together to create what we call the “Sweater Cuff”. Large enough to clamp around the sweater sleeve and flexible enough to compress in the summer to become a bangle, these cuffs will make your wrists shine! Cuff up - in soft brass and silver!

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