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Gail Hire Bruce

HipSilver Fine Art, curated by Morning Slayter, features contemporary artists and photographers who are established in the fine-art world, while showcasing those of the Silver Generation who are creating art for the first time as a second career. Each month, the HipSilver Gallery will exhibit-for-sale works from one of our artists and photographers. After each exhibition, the artist's information and selected work is moved to the Silver Collection, where it is available for continued sales.

Morning is a certified art appraiser who will assist collectors with art appraisals and selling works of art from their downsizing collections. HipSilver's contemporary artists and photographers will be introduced to fine art collectors and the next generation of young collectors who wish to build their first collections.

More and more artists are selling their work online as opposed to showing in art galleries. Art lovers are getting used to purchasing art online and HipSilver is becoming an important venue for our artists, photographers, and collectors.

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Stephen Verona

When I began working in film on TV commercials and music videos, Stephen Verona was one of the film directors I most admired. He is considered the father of music videos and an innovative film director. One of his first films “The Lord’s Of Flatbushis semi-autobiographical about his life growing up in Brooklyn in the 1950s. Stephen is a renaissance man, film director, artist, and photographer.

What I like about his photographs is the painterly, cinematic quality. The light, color, and composition draws the viewer in.  I am pleased to showcase the photography of Stephen Verona on HipSilver.

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Betzie Bendis

Betzie Bendis and I met through her sister Megan, a renowned potter on Shelter Island. Betzie comes from a family of artists and was creating beautiful paintings and watercolors on the island. Her first solo exhibition was at the Open Door Gallery on Shelter Island in 1972.  

Betzie began her career as a graphic designer in Manhattan in the early 1970s. She left Manhattan in the early 1980s for Putnam County with her husband, Keith Bendis, a noted illustrator, and their son, Kevin. In 1993 they bought a farmhouse on 7 acres of rolling pastures in Ancram, NY. Inspired by her new surroundings, she began designing stonewalls and gardens while continuing her love and passion for creating art. She transformed the pastures surrounding her house with extraordinary gardens, flowering trees, flowers beds, and a chicken coop and built an art studio.

Betzie’s primary source of inspiration comes from her work as a garden designer. Her art reflects her love of drawing, playing with color, painting in acrylic or gouache, and collaging. Betzie said, ‘I feel fortunate that I have been able to live the best of two loves in my life: working with my hands in the soil and building with stone, as well as drawing and painting in my art studio’. I am pleased to exhibit Betzie's works of art on HipSilver.

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