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East Village Hats - Polka-Dot Collection

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I introduce Julia Emily Knox, proprietress of East Village Hats and milliner extraordinaire. I usually visit her hat shop during my trips to NYC to be enchanted by her artistry and a superb millinery experience! I have been a fan or Julia’s “Urban Turbans” for several years and the beginnings of an East Village Hats collection in my hat room. 

Over a year ago, I acquired a top hat named the “Deadman.” Handmade by Julia from emerald-beaver-finish-fur felt, it’s four inches tall with a two-inch brim and fits like a glove. It’s one of the stars of my winter/fall hat collection, and I think of East Village Hats whenever I wear it. It always receives compliments wherever I go, and its color is unique and inspiring.

The shop is filled with an incredible selection of felts or straws, depending on the season. The selection of headwear to choose from is vast, both for men and women. If  you are a hat lover and haven’t been to East Village Hats, it’s time to stop in for a visit. I’ve found it to be a fascinating destination filled with art and charm.  

I’m thrilled to introduce the polk-dot collection from Julia’s spring line to the Hip Silver community. The headwear is exquisite, and there’s a style and shape to enhance many a spring ensemble. There is nothing more captivating than a well-made chapeau! 

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Bailey-for-Bollman Hats Spring 2019

The Highest Directors of Hollywood Headwear, Bailey-for-Bollman Hats, return to HipSilver with another selection of supreme hats. We are delighted with their mix of cabana ready hats for Spring and have selected some of the season’s best choices to help make your stepping out in style very simple and on point. We gathered straw hats shaped with gorgeous ribbon details and interesting brims to accentuate your strolls. Let their Spring Collection deck you to your utmost dapper!

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Tracy Watts - Summer Collection 2019

Sadie Green’s was established in the early 1970s when one woman decided to make a living out of her love for antique jewelry. It was that love, along with hard work and ambition, that made Sadie Green’s what it is today.

Since the 1970s Sadie Green’s has grown to include a studio in Southbridge, MA and gift shops in Stubridge and Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Our jewelry collections have also expanded over the years and now include items of sterling silver and alpaca combined with semi-precious stones, pearls, and sea glass. These items are designed by us and handcrafted for us by talented artisans from around the world including Mexico, Bali, India, & Asia.

Sadie Green’s Curiosity Shop, in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, is located next to the Publick House and across from the Town Common. This is our original gift shop location. Not only is this location a great place to shop, but you can also enjoy some of the local events. During the summer there are Concerts on the Common, in October there is an Annual Scarecrow Contest and Harvest Festival, and in November there is a tree lighting ceremony.

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I met the two founding Cerit sisters of TMRW Studio in 2017 and felt a connection with their design and camaraderie. Luckily, the feeling was mutual, and we began to expand the collection’s assortment as a team. The sisters have a wonderful vision for their brand, equal parts fashionable and functional with subtle logo placement. 

We are offering a collection of bags with a European feeling nodding towards the modern, independent woman. Our HipSilver women enjoy sophisticated bags without heavy branding like so many in the marketplace. We began tapping into our beyond twenty years of experience in design, merchandising, and sales, targeting top fashion retailers around the globe, three seasons ago. We are excited about the reception from consumers and the potential growth of TMRW. 

I enjoy working with the ladies in their New York based design studio, sharing the creative energy that goes into every piece in the collection.

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Tracy Watts

It was love at first sight; I met Tracy Watts in the early nineties when she was starting out. She always had an eye for details and fabrication with modern shapes for men and women. Tracy’s unique millinery styling has always been a compliment to the trends seen on the runway. Tracy Watts Hats design, manufacture, and distribute a full contemporary line of women’s designer hats from their studio and showroom in Brooklyn, New York. We are pleased to welcome her to the HipSilver website.

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Cha Cha's Hats

Nothing is more exhilarating to me than supporting and engaging with the headwear community.  My love for the art of millinery is my passion and discovering milliners who create magnificent hats is my joy in life.

The first milliner to be featured on HipSilver is Cha Cha, who designs and creates hats in New York City. I first met Cha Cha about three years ago, when I had the honor of visiting her studio. She was warm, fun, interesting and engaging.  Her staff was welcoming and her workroom was abundant with activity that instantly drew me in. The studio was filled with racks of gorgeous headwear, and it was clear that she was talented and skilled.

I immediately fell in love with a distressed, ruby velour top hat with tonal lambskin leather piping on the brim. The leather piping is a signature detail. It holds the brim shape well and makes the hat a “Cha Cha.” Distressed black tulle and a black/red wrap-around pheasant tail feather complete the look. This chapeau accompanied me back to Denver, and to this day it is one of my favorite hats.

My collection of Cha Cha’s hats continues to grow over time.  It is with much excitement and pleasure that I have the honor of introducing Cha Cha to HipSilver, where the audience for her exquisite headwear will continue to evolve and grow.  There is nothing more captivating than a well made chapeau!

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Tateossian Fall 2018

The aphorism of “wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve” has always been an indication of emotional honesty and sensitive integrity. So, it follows that a gentleman marinated in the French language and the rich Middle-Eastern cultural palette as a school boy would, quite naturally, look to the elegant sartorial appointment of French Cuffs as a means to not only display but express his artistic appreciation for creative cufflinks. 

This internationally known man of mature elegance would come to be respectfully known to many of his compatriots as the "King of Cufflinks".  The gentleman of whom I am speaking is Robert Tateossian, a well-traveled, true Renaissance Man who became inspired by his breadth of travel.

He is fluent in seven languages and has a keen interest in religion, art, and fashion, blending these interests into signature pieces of handcrafted, wearable-art.  

I found this elegant House of Tateossian through the fortunate heads-up of a well-appointed friend with excellent taste in men's fashion.  

Once exposed to Robert Tateossian's line of one-of-a-kind jewelry, I instantly became a fan.  It is with this enthusiasm and optimism that I would like to introduce you to a few distinctive bracelets and cufflinks which, I feel, will complete the "look" of any confident and cool HipSilver.  I am certain that these eye-catching accessories will meet the approval of all discerning admirers.

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