Un Billion

Robert Rokoff

Robert Rokoff

Un Billion is an exciting new handbag company from Japan. The meaning of the name is “1 Billion” in French. The company uses non-leather materials and designs many wonderful styles.

The use of color is quite unique in these handbags. They play with colorblocking and use many shades to give the collection a joyful and fun yet sophisticated feeling too. The quality is superb and feels very nice to the touch.

Lots of pockets and hardware details make all the products very fashionable and functional. Their use of geometric shapes also gives the handbags a clean and modern aesthetic.

Un Billion is a very creative company with many styles and colors that gives their customers many reasons to come back!

Oprah magazine, Accessory Magazine and The Today Show have included the collection many times for their editorial coverage as well.



Fun and modern with a 60's vibe!  Looks like a flat bag but has a side gusset which expands.  This bag is a style show stopper! Great colors, has a adjustable shoulder strap. Very popular among the museum set as Clover has such nice clean and geometric lines.