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Dandy & Son Spring 2019

Dandy & Son brings the best in Men’s Fashion for HipSilver this Spring. Let fine fabrics and varied vibrance add to your clothing as the sun warms up.

The individualism, creativity, playfulness, and the attention to customers that HipSilver loves is back. Dandy & Son stays true to their mission for great clothes with this season’s batch of cutaways. Between their affordable prices, varied fabrics, colors, and styles, and loose, comfortable design, these shirts are sure to suit you.

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Dandy & Son

I am a curator who deeply appreciates the potential congruence that can be expressed when the perfect collar style becomes a "frame" for a discerning gentleman's tie of choice. Whenever I cast my fashion-eye on new, shapes, patterns, and/or innovations, I never lose sight of shirt collars which may foreshadow one's particular distinction. It so happened I came upon a reference and picture of a Dandy and Son "dress shirt- treasure" which caught my eye. I felt as though I had made a genuine discovery of sartorial substance. 

At present, I am the proud owner of almost two-dozen of the Dandy and Son treasures, all made with choice fabrics, that speak to a (hopefully re-emerging) bygone era of elegance and strength. My excitement was only exceeded by the joy I experienced when my beautifully packed-and-presented shirts arrived in less than ten days from Oslo, Norway. 

Whether you present these shirts with or without ties, you will feel the appreciative gaze of those who understand the pleasure you are sharing as you display your outer sign of an inward reality of confidence and comfort.  

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Winston & Lee

Ah yes, the vocally-cultivated voice had its roots in Nigeria. Walter had originally emigrated to the US to play collegiate sports. However, his connection with fashion has been marinating since, at a young age, Walter began to re-design his clothing to reflect more of his personal statement of style. His enduring attention to detail spans the fashion nuances from buttons, to distinctive palettes of patterns, to fine stitching.

Walter has always been motivated to leave a "lasting impression" through the display of his eye-catching wardrobe. This gift of a discerning fashion sensibility has found root in Walter's company which offers a complete line of readily-available as well as bespoke, clothing, employing the best materials and craftsmanship.

I have fallen in "fashion-love" with Winston and Lee's vests.  For me they personify the company's creed of what truly fine clothing can express - that being, an “Outer Sign of an Inner Reality”.

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Tateossian Fall 2018

The aphorism of “wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve” has always been an indication of emotional honesty and sensitive integrity. So, it follows that a gentleman marinated in the French language and the rich Middle-Eastern cultural palette as a school boy would, quite naturally, look to the elegant sartorial appointment of French Cuffs as a means to not only display but express his artistic appreciation for creative cufflinks. 

This internationally known man of mature elegance would come to be respectfully known to many of his compatriots as the "King of Cufflinks".  The gentleman of whom I am speaking is Robert Tateossian, a well-traveled, true Renaissance Man who became inspired by his breadth of travel.

He is fluent in seven languages and has a keen interest in religion, art, and fashion, blending these interests into signature pieces of handcrafted, wearable-art.  

I found this elegant House of Tateossian through the fortunate heads-up of a well-appointed friend with excellent taste in men's fashion.  

Once exposed to Robert Tateossian's line of one-of-a-kind jewelry, I instantly became a fan.  It is with this enthusiasm and optimism that I would like to introduce you to a few distinctive bracelets and cufflinks which, I feel, will complete the "look" of any confident and cool HipSilver.  I am certain that these eye-catching accessories will meet the approval of all discerning admirers.

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