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Elizabeth Bloom - Elizabeth Essentials Serene Collection

I created Serene in response to clients’ requests for an essential oil rescue remedy, something to help them stay calm and centered in today’s hyper-fast, stretched-to-the-max world. Serene was our first product and, with its 21 oils, took 12 months to formulate!

This soothing blend of 21 essential oils is excellent for life’s many challenges. Our customers use Serene to relieve anxiety and depression, overcome insomnia and grief, and promote emotional and spiritual well-being to HipSilver.

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Elizabeth Bloom - Elizabeth Essentials Snore Collection

Snore Essentials supports the respiratory system, promotes free flow of air through the passages at the back of the mouth and nose, relaxes tension and eases anxiety. Inadequate, fitful sleep, due to snoring, depletes you both mentally and physically and has a domino effect which can ultimately lead to more serious health issues and serious mishaps at work or in your day to day routine.

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Elizabeth Bloom - Elizabeth Essentials Rapid Relief Collection

Increases circulation, promotes healing, reduces swelling, inflammation, and pain. Apply to the areas of pain or injury every four hours until relief is evident. Continue to apply at least twice a day till complete recovery.

Athletes and Dancers – apply prior to exercise and immediately afterwards for maximum benefit. Cover the areas in question with a small amount of Rapid Relief and massage in. You can use hourly if needed.

When pain or inflammation is throughout the body, apply small amount of Rapid Relief to the bottoms of the feet and on the spine. Reapply every four hours until improvement and then decrease applications. Do not apply all over the body.

Rapid Relief is recommended by osteopaths, chiropractors, and sports medicine practitioners to soothe sore joints and muscles and to promote rapid, healthy repair from injury.

Elizabeth Essentials has been part of the Wellness Team at the US Golf Open for the past four years, using Rapid Relief and Massage Relief on the golfers, caddies, and participants.

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