Eve & Al Beach Towels


One of the many treasures, we as the Silver Generation like to spend our money on is gifts for our families and friends. I met the owners of Eve & Al at a New York Trade Show. I was walking down an aisle when I stumbled across their beach towels and blankets. I was impressed by the assortment of colors and the combination of classic shapes with traditional hand-loom techniques. They reminded me of the classic towels folded in lounges of high-end holiday destinations. I started talking to the lovely couple in charge. Defne and Tuan, husband and wife, were so friendly and personable I knew I had to bring them on board. We’re excited to have Eve & Al at HipSilver.


“We started off with a sincere desire to bring life and beauty to your home through thoughtfully designed products. We design and produce our collections in line with the principles of longevity, craftsmanship and environmental consciousness.

Our collections are a reflection of the love we have for our planet and all the beautiful creatures that we share it with.

We hope you enjoy...” - Eve & Al

Eve & Al's thin beach towel collection is a perfect combination of Mediterranean tradition and contemporary lifestyle.

Eve & Al’s beach towels are hand-loomed with traditional techniques and 100% natural cotton yarns. In addition, they feature vibrant hues and elegant patterns. Thanks to their tightly woven structure, the towels are compact, highly absorbent, lightweight, sand-free and versatile. Whether you need a towel for the beach, gym, or anything of the sort, these towels can adapt to suit your needs.

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