Eve & Al Baby Blankets


One of the many treasures, we as the Silver Generation like to spend our money on is gifts for our families and friends. I met the owners of Eve & Al at a New York Trade Show. I was walking down an aisle when I stumbled across their baby blankets. I thought they were the cutest things I’d ever seen, and I immediately bought the Llama one to give to my new grand-nephew. Then, I started talking to the lovely couple in charge. Defne and Tuan, husband and wife, were so friendly and personable I knew I had to bring them on board. I later learned about their catalogue of soft beach towels and lovely ceramics. We’re excited to have Eve & Al at HipSilver.

We started off with a sincere desire to bring life and beauty to your home through thoughtfully designed products. We design and produce our collections in line with the principles of longevity, craftsmanship and environmental consciousness. Our baby and kids blanket and knitted rug collection is designed by our designers to inspire happy dreams and joyful days of our children. The collection is for parents who believe in expression through style and who are looking for something a little different both for their children and for their home.

As a California based brand, it was almost inevitable to create a collection reflecting the love we have for our planet and all the beautiful creatures that we share it with. Llamas are up to a mischief... Rhinos, squirrels, deers, foxes are in a parade AMONG THE MOUNTAINS spreading out little bit of tribal vibes...Always BETTER TOGETHER ! We have loving families sharing pleasant moments, close friends having fun and chasing new adventures, enjoying the beauties of life. Zebras, squirrels, deers, flamingos, elephants and so much more...OCEAN STORIES will take us to a journey to warmer climates where the dreams are made of sun and sand...The world changes when it snows... Inspired by the countless beauties of snow, we are joining the seals, penguins and our lovely dreaming panda in their ARCTIC DREAMS...We are very excited to share our baby & kids collection with you.

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