Elizabeth Bloom - Elizabeth Essentials Rapid Relief Collection


Rapid Relief

Increases circulation, promotes healing, reduces swelling, inflammation, and pain. Apply to the areas of pain or injury every four hours until relief is evident. Continue to apply at least twice a day till complete recovery.

Athletes and Dancers – apply prior to exercise and immediately afterwards for maximum benefit. Cover the areas in question with a small amount of Rapid Relief and massage in. You can use hourly if needed.

When pain or inflammation is throughout the body, apply small amount of Rapid Relief to the bottoms of the feet and on the spine. Reapply every four hours until improvement and then decrease applications. Do not apply all over the body.

Rapid Relief is recommended by osteopaths, chiropractors, and sports medicine practitioners to soothe sore joints and muscles and to promote rapid, healthy repair from injury.

Elizabeth Essentials has been part of the Wellness Team at the US Golf Open for the past four years, using Rapid Relief and Massage Relief on the golfers, caddies, and participants.

Essential Oil Ingredients

 A proprietary blend of Lavender, Birch, Helichrysum, Peppermint, Basil, Clove Bud, Lemongrass, Marjoram, Cypress and, Apricot Kernel Oil.


The Story Behind This Blend

Eighteen years ago, I created Rapid Relief for a major league pitcher with painful inflammation and swelling in his arm. Within two weeks of using the formula, he no longer had to use cortisone injections to rid himself of swelling and pain! Today, Rapid Relief is one of our top-selling formulas. Everyone from chiropractors and osteopaths to professional athletes, dancers, body builders, and masseuses have used Rapid Relief to reduce swelling, inflammation, pain, and muscle soreness. Estheticians and dermatologists even use it to treat acne, eczema and, psoriasis. We constantly hear from clients who have found yet another use for this versatile essential oil remedy.

Massage Relief™ is ideal for full body massage for all over inflammation, pain and soreness.

Application instructions: Apply for full body massage or neck, back and shoulder massage or apply immediately after a shower.


Reviews for Rapid Relief:

Rapid Relief from Elizabeth Essentials is one of my favorite blends. I used this for a fever blister and it was gone in just 4 days!! It kept the swelling down enough to where you couldn’t even tell I had a fever blister!

Danielle Gallo
Covington, LA.

I came upon Rapid Relief when I lived in Louisiana and have been a faithful user for years (purchasing the product at EarthSavers). Now, living in Pennsylvania, I am delighted that I can order directly from the website. I fractured my shoulder close to a year ago and rather than choosing surgery, I healed with straight PT and use of Rapid Relief. It is a miracle worker! It is my go-to therapy for all aches and results have never failed. I tell everyone I know, if you’ve got pain, you need Rapid Relief. Thank you for creating this astonishing effective treatment.”
A Happy Customer free from pain…

I have made my dad (64 yrs old) a believer in Rapid Relief! Never thought I would convert him to “voodoo” medicine as he calls it 

Allison King Estes
Macon, GA

My burn is healing remarkably well. No pain since I fell asleep last night. It is slightly puffy today but icing and Rapid Relief reduces that immediately. Within minutes after I got burned yesterday I started using Rapid Relief. The skin feels supple, only a few small blisters. Thank you for this product.

Erin Reetz
Gig Harbor, WA.

My day is off to a GREAT start and part of that is due to your generous and very effective gift–Elizabeth’s Rapid Relief. I don’t have pain anymore, but there has been a soreness that is lingering and the Rapid Relief took the edge off of that immediately. I cannot thank you and Elizabeth enough, so please tell her that I am so grateful. Also, she included info on other products which are of interest to me and I will be ordering.

Alice Lilly


I suffer from what’s been diagnosed as osteoarthritis in my feet for about 5 years now and it’s been getting progressively worse. My doctor basically told me there is nothing that can be done to stop or reverse the disease, but I refuse to accept that. I decided to give your Rapid Relief a try as I like to avoid NSAID pain medications as much as possible. I truly wasn’t expecting anything from your product….I was basically thinking, “How could essential oils possibly have any effect?” Well it’s been four or five weeks since I’ve been applying the Rapid Relief to my feet twice a day and I can honestly say it really helps. It hasn’t eliminated the discomfort, but most days the discomfort doesn’t hinder my activities like it used to and some days I feel no pain at all. Thanks!

Chris D.

Tacoma, WA

“I was introduced to Rapid Relief about 6 months ago and it has changed my life.

I was diagnosed with a rare form of arthritis that spikes a high fever and attacks the joints and leads to their degeneration, which has resulted in excruciating pain in my hips, knees, shoulders, back and hands. I have had a hip replacement and numerous injections of cortisone, which has helped off and on. Refusing to get on prescription painkillers, since they make me not in my right mind, I would take copious amounts of Aleve, Aspirin, Motrin etc. to try to dull the pain.

And I really mean copious. I would go through a bottle of 100 in a week. The only thing this did was eventually send me to the hospital with so many ulcers, the doctor couldn’t count them. After that fun time, I could only take Tylenol, which doesn’t do much of anything for me.

I have known Elizabeth for about 15 years and we reconnected a few months ago. While having lunch, the conversation shifted to my arthritis. She recommended I get started on Rapid Relief, applying it 4 times a day. Rapid Relief reduced the inflammation, which is the root cause of arthritis. It reduced the inflammation thereby reducing the pain.

I only did it twice a day due to my busy schedule, but that even helped. I have since cancelled three appointments to have epidurals in my spine to relieve my back pain. I use it in the morning and at night. I can still feel some intermittent pain in different areas, but it is only temporary. I’m sure if I were diligent about using it 3-4 times a day; I most likely wouldn’t have any! As far as any other meds, I now only take 2 Tylenol about 3 times a week. The Rapid Relief keeps the pain at bay. I love this stuff, especially since it is natural.

I am also excited about starting ImmuShield, ImmuAir and Serene, along with her other wonderful products!

Thank you Elizabeth!”

Beverly Zeiss
San Jose, CA

“I have been using Rapid Relief for almost 5 years as my main source for pain relief for Fibromyalgia and back pain. It works great and I rarely take any other over the counter pain relief medication. I also do yoga daily that helps my condition.

Before discovering your products I had been experimenting on my own with essential oils and was finding relief with lavender and peppermint oils for migraines. I still use some of my own lotions, but find that Rapid Relief is the best for overall pain relief. Thank you for making your products. I so appreciate what what you do”

Vicki Phillips
Gig Harbor, WA

“I burned myself badly while cooking. I reached for my Rapid Relief and applied it. Immediately the pain was gone and I didn’t have any swelling or blisters. Amazing.

I have Parkinson and have been using Rapid Relief successfully for awhile now. I recently fell and injured my coccyx’s which make it painful to change positions and or sit. I applied Rapid Relief and it took the pain and inflammation down allowing me to sit and stand without pain. I’m so grateful.”

Cynthia Singer
Los Angeles, CA

“As my husband was nearing the end of his life he would get lots of boo boos on his arms and legs. Anytime his caregivers or I saw a new boo boo we quicky applied Rapid Relief and the wound would heal within a day or two. We use Rapid Relief for sore muscles and anything that hurts. It’s a miraculous mixture.”

Jo Rosen
Founder Parkinsons Resource Organization
Palm Desert, CA

“I’ve been suffering with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis in my neck shoulders and back which would bring me to a stand still with spasms. Battling this with every natural formula and prescription drugs for the past 25 years I still had no relief. I learned about Rapid Relief through Earthsavers in New Orleans and within 10 minutes of application I had instant relief and slept through the night for the first time in years.

My son who is 44 has pseudomyxoma peritoneial surgery three years ago His gallbladder, colon, spleen were removed and he is still being treated for cancer. He has to get checked every three months. He’s in constant pain in his shoulders and back 24 hours a day. I put Rapid Relief on his spine and within 2 minutes he turned to his Dad and said “Dad I have no more pain.” He has to use it several times per day but he can now manage the pain and do his job which requires him to travel.

My husband is 81, and I’m 79. He’s an avid gardener and does not believe in taking even a Tylenol. He has muscles spasms in his outer legs from his ankles to his knees. He was in the middle of a spasm and I insisted he try the Rapid Relief and it worked for him instantly too. He went to bed and slept like a baby. 7 I will always use Rapid Relief and will find you wherever you are. I’m going to insist that my Dr. at least hear me out on this wonderful product.”

Marilyn G. (customer asked for anonymity)
New Orleans, LA

“I was diagnosed with arthritis in the hips and buttocks. The pain was excruciating and after using Rapid Relief twice a day for the last two weeks on my feet, I am pain free. I need to use the Rapid Relief twice a day in order to keep the inflammation and pain under control.”

Marilyn Donovan
High School Teacher
Columbia, MD

“My husband suffers from Parkinson’s Disease, since using Rapid Relief his muscles feel better and more pliable. I have heel spurs and neuromas on my toes. Since using Rapid Relief my pain has decreased, the nodules are decreasing and I am walking easier. I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and when I use Rapid Relief on my thumb and wrist the pain and inflammation decreases.”

Ruth Squier
Silverton, OR

“Rapid Relief saved me from a very expensive and grueling trip to the emergency room on January 21, 2007. I took a bad fall down my hardwood stairs and bounced down each step on my lower vertebrae and coccyx. My elbows were pretty traumatized as well. I had an egg-sized lump above one elbow. While I was still on the floor I sent my husband to the medicine cabinet immediately for Rapid Relief. He helped me apply it to each area – I even had some areas that had opened and were bleeding a bit. The Rapid Relief got to work so quickly, easing the pain and swelling. Wow what a difference! I healed very quickly because of Rapid Relief. It also works great for headaches. I rub a little on my hands and work it into my lower back on either side of my spine and then rub the rest into my neck and temples…the headaches melt away.”

Katie Torcivia-Griffith
Senior Ops Specialist
Salt Lake City, UT

“After working 39 years as a plumber, I had developed many aches, pains and skin conditions. My first experience with essential oils was Rapid Relief, given to me by my Chiropractor. Rapid Relief not only gave me quick relief to pain, but also helped wounds heal quickly and cleanly.”

R.L. Thompson
Gig Harbor, WA

“I injured my lower back lifting boxes. The pain had not subsided in five days. I was given Rapid Relief and literally within one minute, the pain was almost totally gone and didn’t return for hours. This stuff is truly amazing and I’ll never be without it again!”

Randy Rutkin
Las Vegas, NV

“OMG the RAPID RELIEF spray is amazing. I have had back pain for well over 20 years plus I have arthritis in my knees and fibromyalgia. I used the RAPID RELIEF you gave Miriam and I felt instant relief.”

Melanye Gray
Tacoma, WA