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"Growing up in California where the weather went from cold in the morning to hot mid-day and back to cool in the evenings, I became addicted to serapes, ponchos, and shawls. They kept me warm in the morning and evening and were easily draped over a shoulder at mid-day.  For years, they were hard to find. I even made my own wraps by stitching together shawls to create ponchos.  Now the fashion world has discovered wraps again and we are the benefactors.  Below is a beautiful variation on the cashmere wrap from Dolma Imports in North California."

Dolma began in 2004 as a single store in Menlo Park, California.  Today, they have expanded to five stores in the Bay area and they operate a wholesale business as well.  Dolma was founded on the idea that women’s apparel should be outstanding in quality, style, and comfort.  Their unique collection offers stylish women’s clothing and accessories designed with earthy and handcrafted details.  Their designers draw inspiration by visiting markets throughout South East Asia to bring you a soulful collection, handmade by gifted artisans.

Thank you, Yonten Raza, for your help in making this wonderful “Hip” wrap available for our Silver Generation customers.


Clutch Poncho
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