Cathy Cash Spellman's "A Murder on Jane Street": Available Now!


Resident Mystic and Astrologer Extraordinaire, Cathy Cash Spellman, brings us her highly anticipated book “A Murder on Jane Street”.

“Don't even think you can put this one down! I stayed on the edge of my seat start to finish, and closed the covers completely satisfied by the surprising solution to an unsolvable dilemma.”

Caroline Simonelli

When FitzHugh Donovan, retired NYPD Police Chief, gets a call for help from the mysterious old woman who lives next door to him in Greenwich Village, he doesn’t have a clue that an unspeakable crime from the past is about to be freed from Pandora’s Box.

"A MURDER ON JANE STREET is a gripping summer thriller filled with history, adventure, and an intriguing mystery. Cathy Cash Spellman will keep readers on the edge of their seat"
Charles Brokaw
NYTimes Bestselling author of The Atlantis Code

When the old woman is murdered and the police write it off as a random home invasion, he doesn’t yet know that a wall of international conspiracy and corruption stands in the way of getting justice for this cipher of a woman, who was so much more than she appeared.

But, the old lady asked him for help and died hard before he could give it. His Irish cop conscience can’t abide that. Fitz gathers a quirky band of family and friends to help him ferret out the truth.

The shocking secret she died to protect, the willingness of ordinary people to do the right thing, and a couple of unexpected love stories will keep your heart on edge as Fitz races to find a way to keep the people he loves alive in the face of terrible odds.
Characters you’ll care about, dark, shocking secrets and disturbing similarities to today’s political scene will keep you turning pages to an ending you won’t see coming.