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Pretty Rugged Blankets

A few months ago, I was winding my way through a maze of fashion forms and creative clothing designs at an amazing trade show, NY NOW at the Javitz Center in NYC, when my inner-eye caught a glimpse of an especially attractive presentation stall. What had caught my attention was a collection of faux-fur blankets which were wrapped, dare I say draped, elegantly and fashionably over several handsome female models. As they continued their peripatetic stroll, I was struck by the ease with which they were able to swing and sway...engaging and effortlessly completing their jobs. Before long, my animated curiosity compelled me to find out more about the inspiration behind these truly tantalizing treasures. The first person I approached just happened to be Tracy Slocum, the CEO and founder of Pretty Rugged. I was captivated by the visual designs and furry feel of the wide assortment of blankets on display. The patterns which mirrored the likenesses of a variety of  dazzling animals were the calling-cards of a soft and pliable collection of plush blankets in every reasonable size and shape. I found myself completely consumed in examining the Lap, Baby, Pet, and full-length Luxe Blankets. I also learned Tracy Slocum was the great, great, granddaughter of Joshua Slocum, the first person to sail around the world alone, earning the moniker: The New World Columbus. Ah-ha! Given the pedigree of her legacy, it did not surprise me that Tracy would strike out, in her own fashion, to create a family of blankets with universal purposes and appeal. These family-friendly coverings are musts. I am certain that once you wear the warm images and inspirations for these unique blankets, you will make their acquisition a statement of your distinctive good taste and genuine generosity.

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Eve & Al Ceramics

HipSilver is proud to present the exquisite ceramics from Eve & Al. These Hand-Painted plates and animals depict beautiful scenery and colors, fit for any festivity.

Iznik (Nicea) ceramics have become world famous since late 15th century. The famed artists of the era have captured the vibrant colors of the precious stones and created spectacular motifs with an exclusive craftsmanship. eve & al’s Iznik (Nicea) ceramic collection is created by skilled Turkish artists. The collection is an adaptation of principles and forms from 15th to 17th century, for todays tasteful modern homes.

Ceramics are hand painted with a masterful precision.

All products are for decorative purposes.

Each product is unique.

We hope you like our ceramic collection. - Eve & Al

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Pendleton Blankets

Wieden + Kennedy is the advertising agency for the American Indian College Fund. For thirty years their staff has created and produced television and print advertising to support the scholarship program for all tribal colleges. Another endeavor close to their hearts is the production of limited edition wool blankets with Pendleton woolen mills in Portland, Oregon. Pendleton blankets are a highly prized gift in Indian country. They are most cherished. To be “wrapped” in a Pendleton blanket at important spiritual occasions is considered to be an extremely high honor. Their latest two designs, just off the loom, honor Sitting Bull and the Hunkpapa Lakota people.

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Eve & Al Beach Towels

One of the many treasures, we as the Silver Generation like to spend our money on is gifts for our families and friends. I met the owners of Eve & Al at a New York Trade Show. I was walking down an aisle when I stumbled across their beach towels and blankets. I was impressed by the assortment of colors and the combination of classic shapes with traditional hand-loom techniques. They reminded me of the classic towels folded in lounges of high-end holiday destinations. I started talking to the lovely couple in charge. Defne and Tuan, husband and wife, were so friendly and personable I knew I had to bring them on board. We’re excited to have Eve & Al at HipSilver.

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Eve & Al Baby Blankets

One of the many treasures, we as the Silver Generation like to spend our money on is gifts for our families and friends. I met the owners of Eve & Al at a New York Trade Show. I was walking down an aisle when I stumbled across their baby blankets. I thought they were the cutest things I’d ever seen, and I immediately bought the Llama one to give to my new grand-nephew. Then, I started talking to the lovely couple in charge. Defne and Tuan, husband and wife, were so friendly and personable I knew I had to bring them on board. I later learned about their catalogue of soft beach towels and lovely ceramics. We’re excited to have Eve & Al at HipSilver.

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As many HipSilvers know, gardens summon the beauty of art, the cleanliness of nature, and the joy of family in a single place for all to enjoy. We thought to provide some pizazz to elevate your outdoors. EZ-vane provides elegant, solid-steel weathervanes with elaborate shapes with many mounts to latch onto any surface desired. Whatever your preference, we’re confident EZ-vane will provide the perfect gift for your garden a gain.

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Davistudio Fine Porcelain

Fine porcelain dinnerware, bespoke, handmade, art of the table. Artisanal ceramic plates, bowls, cups and tumbler that are colorful and custom made.

Davistudio was founded in 1998 by artist Mary Anne Davis. Moving to the Hudson Valley from New York City in 2000, Davis found life in the country a profound revelation. Inspired by the rural condition, the studio works carefully within the community and environment to contribute to a local, sustainable economy contributing to our creative territory by producing useful and accessible art.

In addition, Davistudio commits to eco-friendly manufacturing and materials. The studio is 100% carbon neutral, resides in walking distance of the artists, recycles its waste, and uses non-toxic, durable porcelain and biodegradable shipping containers. Regular contributor to DIFFA, the Columbia County Land Conservancy, the Humane Society, and the Chamber of Commerce.

We at HipSilver believe their collection of ceramics will compliment your every dining occasion.

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JK Custom Cheeseboards

JK Custom Furniture & Design is a family operated Berkshire gem where craftsmanship and quality are paramount. Sharing an education in fine arts, a love of design and a desire to establish a fine furniture and cabinetry company, we relocated to the Berkshires from Brooklyn in 2004. Working side by side in our Great Barrington, MA studio using a well-seasoned artistic eye, we create innovative, versatile furniture and functional homewares that add character and beauty to any home. Our furniture designs are based on an appreciation of beautiful, contemporary pieces that are meticulously handcrafted and the homewares collection is made up of one of a kind heirloom quality cutting, cheese and serving boards, often lauded for their organic beauty and custom made non-toxic finishes.

HipSilver is proud to present these charming cheeseboards.

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Sherwood Forest Design

Soli Pierce, Treasures Curator, is an ardent environmentalist, clean food advocate and community activist who we honor for her passion, talent and commitment.  A true HipSilver, Soli will showcase unique gifts created by and for the Silver generation as well as treasures created to help support people and their communities. 


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As someone devoted to wellness, both personally and professionally, I am all about prevention –  and one of the leading causes of accidental death and non-fatal injuries among people age 65 and older is FALLING. The resulting complications, ranging from hip fractures, other broken bones, and head injuries, frequently initiate a downward spiral of problems.  This month, we’re addressing this all-important aspect of wellness.

Even when the initial fall is not particularly serious, its effects can be. As Dr. Brad Manor, director of the Mobility and Brain Function Lab at the Institute for Aging Research, puts it: “Unfortunately, even falls that don’t result in injury or death often have a very real and significant, negative impact on quality of life. These falls often lead to fear of falling, reduced physical activity, depression, and lack of social engagement — all of which, in turn, increase the risk of suffering another fall.”

For good news, we hear from Dr. Elizabeth Burns, lead researcher at the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, that most falls are preventable and needn’t become an inevitable part of aging. Not surprisingly, the most important steps we can take to prevent these serious risks involve improving our balance and stability.

Here at HipSilver, we were delighted to team up with Jennifer Gibson, a certified yoga teacher who specializes in balance-promoting classes for Silvers.  I loved the class she held for us! It reminded me of what we can do on a regular basis to help keep our feet solidly on the ground, and we’re sharing some of it with you here.

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