Binichic's Fall Collection


The autumn collection of Binichic features Susan Unger’s signature relaxed, raw edge, bohemian style. Several of these luxurious bags, supple and beautifully silkscreened, are a design collaboration with her daughter, Ona Villier.  Ona means wave in Catalan, and as they note, “Our heritage as a mother/daughter design team is centered in the Mediterranean, the place we love and call home.” Several of the bags in this collection are named after neighborhoods in their beloved Barcelona.  The city’s fabled architecture and ironwork have inspired the geometric patterning subtly silkscreened in rich metallic shades of pewter and bronze. 

To quote Susan and Ona, “We believe in timeless beauty, nature’s elegant inspiration, and the rich history of Mediterranean art, culture and craftsmanship.”  

Mary, who curated this collection, owns several bags designed by Susan—including the Liceu bag offered here.  She is a fan of Binichic’s lightweight, unlined genuine leather bags which only get better with wear.