Alembika Winter 2019


Here are our five favorite looks from Alembika modeled by Dayle of Artful City Style.

Introduction by Gail Bruce

It is my extreme pleasure to introduce you to our new women’s fashion curator, Yael Edelist. My assistant, on the day we hired him, said “you have to meet my friend’s mother; her philosophy is very much what HipSilver is all about.” He set up an appointment and Yael walked in the door. We’d discovered an incredible woman with quite a remarkable eye for fashion. Yael believes women over forty have a greater sense of themselves, are more comfortable in their own skins, and know what they want, need, and like. So, with the help of her mother and founding partner Roni Rabl, she finds clothing collections from around the world to satisfy the needs and whims of the Silver Generation. They are fun, different, and comfortable. We hope you love them as much as we do.

Yael Edelist

Yael Edelist

Yael Edelist and her mother, Roni Rabl, began their fashion journey in Israel. In 1982, Roni Rabl started her company and exported her line to Europe. At times, she would drive her samples in person to European wholesalers, bringing a young Yael along. Thus, mother introduced daughter to the industry, to prevailing through hard times, and to hearing one’s own voice. The two have worked as partners ever since.

In 1992, Yael moved to New York to begin her enterprise, catered to women ages 40 and up. In her opinion, women of this age bracket have more interesting qualities, display loyalty, know themselves, take risks, and don’t worry about how others think.  At the present, Yael represents 7 designers from diverse backgrounds including: Israel, France, Greece, Lithuania, Japan, Italy, and Germany.

The Alembika line comprises one of Ms. Edelist’s endeavors for the Silver Generation. This series features clothing by Hagar, an Israeli designer, envisioned to fit everyone in more ways than one. In addition to matching body-size, Alembika displays colors and patterns catered to appeal to varying tastes. Ms. Edelist feels everyone should discover and wear whatever suits them.

For a showcase of Alembika’s style and comfort, please look below.