Elietian's Collection - Knitwear Dressing!

One of HipSilver’s favorite suppliers is Elietian. Their wraps are wonderful: comfortable, stylish, and practical.

We just discovered that the Elietian Leggings are brilliant year-round. They have two variants: lightweight Leggings and heavyweight Jeggings "I recently wore them [the lightweight leggings] in the British Virgin Islands in temperatures of almost 90 degrees, and they were totally cool and comfortable. I found out this fall that the Jeggings featured here are one of the best leggings we have ever tried," says Gail Bruce.

Elietian is providing their Leggings to HipSilver in their full color palette and in two styles: cropped and full length.  We think you will find them an indispensable addition to your wardrobe.


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Elietian Jeggings - fall and winter weight collection!

One of our favorite suppliers is Elietian. They created the light-weight summer leggings we absolutely adore. HipSilver is now introducing Elietian’s winter version called “Jeggings” and, defying possibility, they are even more fabulous! With a heavier gage and the same “one size fits most” quality, they are perfect for the cold months coming ahead. We are featuring them in winter colors of charcoal-black, blue, and brown. Jeggings can be paired with our favorite Elietian sweaters. Check them out and shop below!

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Elietian Leggings - year round weight!

One of HipSilver’s favorite suppliers is Elietian. Their wraps are wonderful - comfortable, stylish and practical and they are still available in our shop.

We just discovered the Elietian Leggings are brilliant all year-long. "I recently wore them in the British Virgin Islands in temperatures of almost 90 degrees and they were totally cool and comfortable. One of the best leggings we have ever tried" says Gail Bruce.   

Elietian is providing their Leggings to HipSilver in their full color palette and two styles: cropped and full length. We think you will find them an indispensable addition to your wardrobe.

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Butterfly Wraps

As part of the HipSilver Generation and looking to solve a problem many women my age suffer, I designed The Butterfly Wrap. A few years ago it was extremely hard to find a poncho or serape that was light weight, sheer enough for summer weather, and covered all those areas that we no longer want to expose to the public, like baggy arms. No matter how many weights I lifted or exercises I did or creams I used, my skin still hung there daring me to hide it. So, I started buying pashminas and stitched two of them together to make my own wraps, but they never hung properly and I didn't like the fringe at the bottom. 

Through a friend, I hired Ralph Lauren's pattern maker. With his help I created a curved bottom without the fringe, and the Butterfly Wrap was born.  

The Butterfly Wrap is intended to be worn with all those sleeveless dresses and blouses you love, don’t want to part with, and no longer feel comfortable wearing.

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I met Hemangini last fall and was impressed by her ability to purvey silk scarves and handmade jewelry from India. At HipSilver, we delight in finding an artisan who supports local communities by hand; Hemangini does just that. She empowers the women she works with through the wages she pays and the ancestral crafting skills she preserves for future generations. We believe your wardrobes will greatly benefit from her efforts.

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Elietian Dresses

Elietian is one of our favorite companies; their leggings are brilliant and have become a staple in my wardrobe. Now, I have discovered that Elietian has one of the best dresses I have ever run across for travel and everyday wear.  It can go from the beach to black-tie  just by the way it is accessorized.  It can be worn with a scoop to the neck to showcase your favorite jewelry or with the scoop to the back, creating a straight, ballet neckline with a low back.  It comes in their famous one-size-fits-most.  HipSilver is showing it in both long sleeves and sleeveless alongside two lengths: long (just above the ankle) and knee length.  And, to top it off, it comes in a variety of colors.  It doesn’t wrinkle and can be thrown into a weekend bag to cover all occasions.  It is now the new staple in my wardrobe.

We have photographed it on numerous friends to show you its versatility.  We hope you love it as much as we do. 

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Women's Dandy & Son!

Rashid Silvera, HipSilver Men's Fashion Curator, discovered an incredible shirt maker located in Oslo, Norway.  He told me about Trond Isnes, the founder/ceo of DANDY & SON, and shared with me how much he loved their extreme cut-away collar and that he was the proud owner of at least two dozen of them.  I liked the new, fresh look and thought in passing that it could be a great silhouette for women.  Then, the sample shirt arrived from Oslo, and I fell in love.  It was more than fabulous.  The fabric was top quality, the cut of the collar was unique and the perfect neckline to showcase a wonderful necklace, like the Jan Michaels Rose Quartz Rope shown in the photo on the left partnered with Jan's new sweater cuffs.  

Right away, I knew we women had to steal DANDY & SON away for ourselves to have the ideal "boyfriend shirt" for the Silver Generation.  I had my friends and some of our HipSilver Curators try them on.  Each and every one of them fell in love immediately. 

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Dolma - Thigh Length Kaftan, Silk Wraps and PJ dressing for high summer!

Dolma is always on the cusp of chic styling with significant bias cuts for the Silver Generation. We love the shorter caftan for casual encounters or over your favorite top and bottoms for summer! Here are a few ideas to kick up your summer ensembles. We are naturally in love with the print on print, but the summer med length kaftans allow the versatility of styling your own personal look! Happy Summer to all of you!

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