Beryl and HipSilver share a commitment to stewardship of the earth and our environment. When she submitted this piece about the importance of healthy potable water, as Curator-at-Large, I eagerly launched into full-scale research on filtration and purification systems. You’ll find below: reverse osmosis systems, multiple stage carbon filters, full-house, under-sink, and counter-top systems for the home, immersible purification straws for the wilderness, earth-friendly, grab’n-go personal containers in steel and glass for backpacks and designer bags, and, not to forget, replacing minerals and electrolytes that may be displaced when the contaminants are removed. The selections are researched and curated for quality, efficiency, and, sometimes, for ingenuity and design. 


Water, Water, Water


Why is it that the blessed element, water, is sometimes the last stop on the train for us? We take “detox” yoga classes to clear toxins from our bodies, buy stuff to make our skin more vibrant and clear, pop supplements for energy, and breathe for better focus.  But do we think to drink water as the solution to all those quests?  

Water, water, drink water.  If you still are feeling sluggish from all the salted and sugared treats you may consume, especially at the holidays of any season, you most likely are dehydrated!  If your brain feels foggy, your body achy, or your spirit sluggish, you could be dehydrated.  Here are 7 reasons why you should remember to drink more water and put it at the top of the list:

  • Improved Energy (body’s muscles need water to power you around),

  • Weight Loss (if you want to lose weight, sip water throughout the day)

  • Better Focus (brain needs water to work with optimum clarity)

  • Joint-Pain Prevention (water bathes the joints – adding an Omega 3 supplement helps too)

  • Healthy Kidneys (kidneys need water, water, water to take toxins out of blood and move urine to bladder)

  • Clearer Skin (skin is the largest organ of elimination and needs water to sweat and purify our systems – the more you sweat, the more water you need)

  • Nutrient Transportation (water is essential for maintaining fluid balance in body and transporting essential nutrients)

How do you remember to drink more water?  

  • Drink a couple glasses before tea or coffee!! Every day! Make it a habit.

  • Get a water bottle, carry it with you, and empty it out (in your mouth!) while you drive or travel around.

  • Don’t fuss about peeing – so many people tell me they can’t drink water because it makes them pee – Duh! Of course it makes them pee. Good thing!!! Go and pee for god’s sake.

  • Don’t pass the water cooler at work!!

  • Get an app!! I use “Daily Water” and have it set for every two hours. You can pick your reminder sound – I like the rooster!! If you are a yoga teacher, remember to shut off your sound while teaching or leading meditation. My “rooster” has actually “gone off” while I am leading meditation (pretty funny)!

Good health to ya’ Matie!! And drink up!  Thanks to Primal Health News for reminding us of the 7 tips!!

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