by Wellness Curator, Susan Joyce Proctor



As someone devoted to wellness both personally and professionally, I am all about prevention –  and one of the leading causes of both accidental death and non-fatal injuries among people age 65 and older is FALLING. The resulting complications ranging from hip fractures, other broken bones, and head injuries frequently initiate a downward spiral of problems.  This month, we’re addressing this all-important aspect of wellness.

Even when the initial fall is not particularly serious, its effects can be. According to Dr. Brad Manor, director of Mobility and Brain Function Lab at the Institute for Aging Research, “Unfortunately, even falls that don’t result in injury or death often have a very real and significant, negative impact on quality of life. These falls often lead to fear of falling, reduced physical activity, depression, and lack of social engagement — all of which, in turn, increase the risk of suffering another fall.”

For the good news, we hear from Dr. Elizabeth Burns, lead researcher at the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, that most falls are preventable and needn’t become an inevitable part of aging. Not surprisingly, the most important steps we can take to prevent these serious risks involve improving our balance and stability.

Here at HipSilver, we were delighted to team up with Jennifer Gibson, a certified yoga teacher who specializes in balance-promoting classes for Silvers.  I loved the class she held for us! It reminded me of what we can do on a regular basis to help keep our feet solidly on the ground, and we’re sharing some of it with you here.

Click here to watch Jennifer talk about balance! 


The right physical exercises are tremendously effective for improving balance, and physical therapy is one excellent approach for restoring equilibrium. We can also exercise on our own with the right equipment, and I am happy to let you know about an excellent selections below designed for this purpose in the home.


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StepRight Stability Trainer

The unique slip-over-the- shoe design allows you the freedom to independently control your legs, engage in reciprocal lower extremity movements, and utilize a heel-toe weight distribution.  The inflatable bladders can be inflated or deflated using a standard air pump to alter difficulty. By cultivating and heightening the sense of proprioception, the STEPRIGHT™ Stability Trainer provides a stability training tool for people of all ages and physical abilities.  Incorporating a truly dynamic surface into a workout regime or training program helps to improve body awareness, elevate performance, enhance balance confidence, reduce injuries, and prevent falls. Whether you are just starting an exercise program, bored with your current workout routine, recovering for an injury, or an elite athlete looking to improve performance, STEPRIGHT™ is the product for you!

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