September 23 – October 22

If you find your passion again, you’ll feel able to achieve what you want with your usual deft touch.  If you’ve been feeling a lack of passionate purpose lately it may have been hard to stay motivated.  You may need a nudge from a friend or associate to push you out of lethargy, so listen up to whatever advice comes your way and weigh your options – there may be more options than you know.

If you and a loved one have a confrontation around October 2, try to focus on the comfortable bond between you, not on who’s right or wrong.  This is just a bit of mischief from a transit that will pass quickly.

Good news:  there may be a moneymaking opportunity around the 15th, so stay alert!

Best Days:  8, 9                                       Challenging Days:  22, 23


A few words about Librans

Because your symbol is the Scales of Justice, people always expect you to be balanced, a dicey task in a wacky world.  In truth, the gift of your sign, dear Libra, is the ability and need to seek balance, which doesn’t mean you’ll always find it, only that you’ll keep on trying against ridiculous odds.

Your balancing act can be challenged by your favorite tormentor:  love.   So try to remind yourself that ups and downs, while hard on the nerves, provide some of life’s most essential – and in the case of love, most pleasurable – lessons. You’re drawn by your nature to partnership, whether in marriage or business, and you need to dignify your relationships with contracts or marriage licenses that give you – at least for the moment – a sense of safety and completion.

Cosmically, your birth month is the turning point in the Zodiac between individual unfoldment and the structuring of relationships, so the journey into relationship is what you’re all about in this lifetime... and like it or not, Venus rules!

Librans and Love

Ruled by Venus, your heart needs beauty and harmony like other hearts need potassium – you simply can’t survive without them. You, also (more than other signs) need friends, lovers, allies – to help you on the journey toward self-knowledge.

Venus makes you beautiful and attractive to others, a most generous and gracious gift.  She also makes you long for peace and harmony and balance – to say nothing of longing for the good life.  You both want and need a life full of creature comforts, fine food, beautiful homes and a great wardrobe, and it doesn’t hurt to have a loyal group of admirers who are drawn to your glow like moths to the flame.

Libra and Career

You’re the mediator in the workplace and very fair-minded.  Given your druthers, you’ll opt for the high road in negotiation and in decision-making. You do well in all businesses that have to do with fashion, art, architecture or any other expression of beauty, balance and harmony, and you can be a fine judge of whatever happens to need judging, whether on a tennis court or in a court of law.

Libra and Finance

Finance isn’t your best area of expertise – not because you can’t figure it out, but because your Venusian nature generally opts for the good life, rather than the fiscally frugal one.  Frugality is just not generous enough for you, and your optimistic spirit truly believes that the new Lagerfeld something or other you just splurged on will look so good on you that it will inspire some windfall to come out of the blue to pay for it.  You can fall into shopoholism with the drop of a credit card, and if it ever comes to a choice between food and Armani, your wardrobe will win hands down.

Libra and Friends

You love your friends… love making them, having them, confiding in them and knowing they’re there for you in times of crisis.  Because your attractiveness to others is nature’s gift, worrying about friendship really doesn’t make you lose much sleep – you just assume friends will always be around.  What can be worrisome for you is any dissension in the ranks.  If your cohorts argue among themselves or wrangle about who’s your favorite, your sense of balance goes haywire and you can’t rest until you smooth all the feathers and make sure there’s harmony again.

Here’s How the Rest of the Zodiac Signs 
Will be faring in October




October 23 – November 22

Your circuits are probably on overload at the moment and you need some solitude so you can regroup.  Don’t feel guilty about preferring your own company right now, it’s really your best bet for clearing the decks mentally, physically and emotionally, so you can feel grounded again.

Flirtation is in the air when Mercury and Neptune touch your 5thHouse. If you don’t get carried away by idealizing, you might actually have some fun and that would be a lovely reprieve from all the working and thinking and worrying that has put you on overload in the first place.

Best Days: 10, 11                                    Challenging Days:  24, 25, 26



November 23 – December 22

If anxiety and fear are keeping your nerves onto High E, don’t worry – it’s just a temporary glitch.  You’ll feel as if a switch has turned on the lights mid-month, and you’ll be oozing joy and excitement so great that it erases the memory of the intense anxiety that began the month.  In short, you’ll be feeling like yourself again.

October 15 gives you a chance to open up to a friend or loved one about a deep-seated emotional issue that has been hovering for a while.  This moment is really the opening for a pathway to healing an old wound; so don’t hold back on the truth of it.  Odds are, you’ll feel relieved if you stop carrying the worry alone.

Best Days: 12, 13, 14                              Challenging Days:  1, 27, 28



December 22 – January 20

You created a solid platform last month and you can reap the rewards of it this month. You’ll most likely not only receive the response you expect because of your competency and hard work, but you may find some extra rewards and accolades tucked in along the way.

If a colleague raises a conflict around the 19th, because Mars is being aggressive, don’t give it too much thought because this aspect will pass quickly.

There’s a sweet opportunity coming on the 8th, so try pitching your big idea to the Big Wigs!  The New Moon in your 10thHouse could make your vision appear dazzling to those whose opinion counts.  So believe in yourself and your idea and others will, too.

Best Days: 15, 16                                    Challenging Days:  2, 3, 29, 30



January 21 – February 19

No more inner turmoil in October, dear Aquarius.  You’ll be feeling just a well-fueled sense of direction that will be a relief.  The energy that wow’d you (and anybody watching you!) last month is back and booming in October.  Go with the awe it inspires!  Go with the inspiration into your stratosphere of creativity.  You can reach farther into the ozone for amazing concepts than most signs and this is the month to do just that (despite a possible clash with a Higher Up around the 10th).

Your ambitious vision has juice the weeks of the 14thand the 21st, so take advantage of this cosmic gift and go for the gold.

Best Days: 17, 18, 19                              Challenging Days:  4, 5, 31



February 20 – March 20

Your consciousness is being pushed from pillar to post by too many possibilities, isn’t it, my Piscean friend?  You are tantalized by all, and having a hard time knowing which of these wild horses to ride into the transformed future you know you deserve.  The solution for this month is to go radically 3rddimensional practical(not so easy for your wifty creative nature to do as you really prefer the nebulous to the concrete), but this October, making the most practical solution can give you some peace of mind and a chance to finally get your nerves to stop jangling.  Yes, I know it hasn’t been easy being you of late, but clarity is just around the corner, when you can reap some of the rewards you so richly deserve.

Best:  20, 21                                    Challenging:  6, 7



March 21 – April 20

Whoopie!  You’ve got your groove back!  Your energy is so phenomenal you may have to slow it down so you can work and play with mere mortals.  Your direction gets clearer and you can head straight for your goals now.  You’ll be tying up loose ends, enjoying the moment and zeroing in on your next goal with all rockets firing.  Take advantage of this cosmic oomph that’s propelling you forward, dear Aries, and you should have a stellar October.

         Best Days: 22, 23                                    Challenging Days:  8, 9



April 21 – May 20

You’re recalibrating, my friend.  Even if it feels more like going backward, please know that for this month, it’s important to step back, examine what’s what and ditch what’s no longer needed or in your best interests.  Protect your resources, physical, emotional, spiritual, in October, as you hunker down and you’ll be surprised how many good things can happen.  Your work and diligence is likely being recognized by the Powers That Be behind the scenes and when the P.T.B. admire your passion and commitment, great surprises can be in store.

Best Days:  24, 25, 26                              Challenging Days:  10, 11



May 21 – June 21

I hesitate to say it but you need to know this:  your usual charm is in short supply this month, so you’d best watch what you say, because it might not be what you really mean to communicate.  If old woes surface or resentments should surface and unnerve you, write them in your diary or on your computer, then hit delete.  It isn’t in your future interest to lash out at anybody this month.

If a conflict with a loved one pops up on the 25th, it’s just a kick in the ankle from Saturn and it will be resolved quickly if you keep your cool, realizing you aren’t quite as easy-going and agreeable this month, as usual. Don’t worry though, you’ll be your easy-breezy and charming self again very soon.

Best Days: 1, 27, 28                                Challenging Days:  12, 13, 14



June 22 – July 22

Greet life from your core essencethis month and know that life is on the upswing from a difficult summer.  The world may push and pull you between soft compliance and stubborn, unyieldingness so you’d be best served by taking life as gently as you can this month as you navigate the ups and downs.  This, too, shall pass, so try to let your true instincts and heart lead the way.

The full moon is in your Career House around September 24th, so stay both alert and open to finding solutions to issues that may have seemed tricky of late.  There’s positive energy ahead in October, so don’t lose heart because of the obstacles you may have encountered in the past few months.  Much better days are coming for you shortly.  

Best Days:  2, 3, 29, 30                            Challenging Days: 15, 16



July 23 - August 22

Even you, my golden friend, sometimes need a helping hand.  By all means,  ask for it now.  Then accept what’s offered and be grateful, because this will have repercussions in the long term and besides, it’s the right attitude to embrace.

An emotional healing can take place for you this month of October.  And a physical healing, too, if you trust your intuition about all things medical.  You are your own best physician this month so use your intuitive senses when it comes to wellness.

There may be a bit of family confrontation around the 19thand compromise will be the best way to un-ruffle everybody’s feathers, so just take a deep breath, resolve to meet everybody half-way and it will all be fine.

Best Days: 4, 5, 31                                  Challenging Days:  15, 16



August 23 – September 22

OMG! You are on fire this month, I’m happy to say.  Brain, skills and attitude are all in high gear, so you can probably leap tall buildings in a single bound! (or at least feel as if you can!)  You can be a problem solver and a workhorse simultaneously while keeping all the balls in the air at once.  

Moneymaking opportunities may find you around the 6thof October and your social life may perk up then, too.  Be it friendship or love that’s in the air, Venus is smiling on you this month, so enjoy the beautiful ride.

Best Days: 6, 7                                       Challenging Days:  22, 23