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69 Stylish Seniors That Prove Age Is Just A Number

If you think that fashion is a young man's game then take a look at these pictures to see how wrong you are.

They're part of a series called "Advanced Style: Older and Wiser" and the man behind the camera is Ari Seth Cohen. The photographer travelled the world, visiting countries including South Africa, Sweden, Italy and Australia, in order to prove that style has nothing to do with age and everything to do with attitude. All of his subjects are 60+ years of age, but we're sure you'll agree that it isn't their years that these photographs highlight but their impeccable sense of style.

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Move Over Millennials: Why Brands Should Stop Ignoring China’s Silver Generation

Everyone knows the fastest growing group in China is the millennial demographic, right? Think again.

The “silver generation” is actually the fastest-growing group in China, and seniors—a demographic that accounts for one-third of the entire country‘s spending—are being virtually ignored by the luxury industry.

“The over-60s in China are no longer just looking for tradition and traditional ways of buying,” said Joy Li, a 67-year-old retired school teacher from Shanghai to Jing Daily. “We like treating ourselves, we like new, modern luxury products and modern ways of purchasing them.”

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Meet Fashion’s Next Generation: Over 60s

LONDON, United Kingdom — Lyn Slater, a 64-year-old college professor in New York, hates the concept of age. 

“When I was young, we were burning bras, we were getting high all the time and we dated all the time,” she said. “Why do you think we would accept that our life ends when we turn a certain age?” 

But age is a subject that comes up for Slater more than most. That’s because she is closing in on 500,000 followers on Instagram, better known as a platform for teenage influencers. Posting under the handle “Accidental Icon,” Slater wears everything from Balenciaga to JW AndersonValentino, Uniqlo and other companies have hired Slater for advertising campaigns and collaborations on Instagram and her blog.

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Why The Over-65 Crowd Is Conquering Fashion

The fashion industry is all about trends--and that extends to the models as well as the clothes. One month it's all about gap-tooth smiles, and the next it's about curvy bods and boobies. Still, there seems to be a general 'type' in fashion lately--think tall, think slim, think white, and think young, as in possibly-still-in-high-school young. So, it goes without saying that there hasn't been much of a place for models over the age of 60 in the industry. That is, until recently.

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Chula Vista senior citizens rock the fashion runway

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - Senior citizens in Chula Vista lit up the runway at St. Paul's Plaza, a senior living community.

It was the center's first fashion show and eight residents were transformed into models. 

Each had makeup, hair, and wardrobe provided thanks to Macy's. 

“Today’s fashion show is all about friendships," said Mary Johnson with the community outreach team. "Friendships are just as important as taking good care of yourself, exercising, and good nutrition. As we get older friendships get even more important."

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Fashion for Women Over 60

Figuring out how to dress at any age can be challenging, but for women over 60 it can be especially fraught. You want to be fashionable, but many of the styles you see advertised are clearly designed more with younger women (of a very specific body type) in mind. The fashion world may be focused on the young, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your fashion goals.

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Fashion Over Fifty founder: 'Women who are middle-aged still want to be relevant'

One California blogger is on a mission to prove to women over the age of 50 that fashion isn't something that's reserved for youngsters.

In fact, as Fashion Over Fifty founder Wendy Packer sees it, older women should embrace fashion. After all, women who have retired and whose children have moved out of the family home likely have more time to select the perfect outfit or scour thrift stores for the best finds from previous decades, for example.

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CIRKEL Intergenerational Mentoring Event: Fashion NYC

Fashion is an industry that treasures youth, champions beauty, and changes its entire look from season to season. It’s a world that is as hard to stay in as it is to enter. In the infamous words of Heidi Klum, “Either you’re in, or you’re out.”

It’s no wonder, then, that fashion is a notoriously ageist space — for insiders, as well as consumers. And even when a magazine puts an older face on its cover, it’s pulled from a limited pool of people like Helen Mirren and Maye Musk.

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How to Dress for All Occasions with One Dress

Ever feel you wear the same suit of clothes every single day? Ever wonder if you’ve made the most of your wardrobe? At HipSilver, we pondered how to make the best of a single dress. To this end, we enlisted the aid of Diane Pollack of Stylempower fame to show us how to make the most of our HipSilver closets. We felt confident in choosing her due to her 25 years of experience empowering women through organizing their wardrobes and her volunteer work at Bottomless Closet, revamping the looks and outlooks of underprivileged ladies. We offered her a challenge: take our favorite, reversible dress from Eletian and craft as many elaborate outfits as she could for all situations: morning, evening, casual, business, and more. Diane did not disappoint. She mixed and matched the simple, black dress with various HipSilver accessories ranging from Tracy Watts’ hats to Deivi’s necklaces to Jan Michael’s Brooches for results spanning a sea of style. We’re ecstatic to introduce Diane’s skill magnifique to the HipSilver Community.

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