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Robin Tattersall

HipSilver's showcase of inspirational people from the silver generation who are living life fully and brightly.

Robin Tattersall, doctor, surgeon, sailor, fashion model, adventurer, and humanitarian, sailed the Atlantic in the Rolex Transatlantic Challenge to celebrate his 75th birthday and, to top that, ran in the Greek marathon to celebrate his 80th birthday, coming in at the tail end, but the crowds stayed on to cheer him across the finish line.

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Paul Theroux

I caught up with Paul Theroux, famed novelist and travel writer, on a recent trip to Vietnam aboard Silversea’s Silver Shadow.  For 9 days, I was privileged to join Paul and his wife, Public Relations Guru and Trip Organizer, Sheila Donnelly, as we enjoyed a voyage of discovery with Paul, his work, and his attitude towards being Silver. Here is what we learned.

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Honoring Lucy Jarvis

A few years ago, my friend Lucy Jarvis was visiting with me during a party, and we overheard a conversation going on next to us.  A younger man was lamenting to his friend about turning 60.  After over hearing him for quite a while, Lucy finally said "excuse me young man, how old do you think I am?” The fellow stammered, not knowing how to answer. “Well,” Lucy continued, “I am 95 years old, and I am getting ready to shoot a documentary on the King of Morocco. What are you going to do with the rest of your life; sit around on your ass for the next 35 years or are you going to do something with your life?”  Way to go Lucy! A true HipSilver, here to give inspiration, guidance, and lead the way into this new, exciting, and undefined phase of our lives. After all, what on earth have we got to lose?

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