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Astrological Insights for Leo and all signs in August

Your birthday month may feel like a lovely fairytale this year, dear Leo – energized by Mars and Venus, there are opportunities to be even more creative and flamboyant than usual.  You’ll be feeling playful and sun-drenched, aglow in the light of Summer and your charismatic optimism, as your natural magnetism is enhanced.  And you’re right to feel all that!  Just one caveat, my Leo friend – if your inclination is to buck authority, don’t do it now!  Wait and see how things play out in the next month or two and you’ll be glad you had patience to wait.  Things are moving behind the scenes and you’ll see the results by Fall.  As a matter of fact, a fresh income stream may appear by the 30th.

You’re feeling and looking luminous and people are noticing big changes in you, as the issues of the past few months evaporate and your sense of the magic in your life soars once again.  Just try not to over-do it about absolutely everything!  You have time now for both the spotlight and for enjoying the ride at your kingly leisure.  Just let the summer’s good times flow in over you and you’ll feel resuscitated and rejuvenated by Labor Day.

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Astrological Insights for 
Gemini / June

Who Is Gemini?

You’ve got star quality, Gemini. You’re smart, witty, sexy, and full of verve. You spot what’s hot before the world does and zip right out to get it without undue deliberation or soul-searching.

You are as airy as the wind: changeable, adaptable, brilliant, always on the move…impossible to catch hold of, even with a net.

Your duality expresses itself in a million capricious ways; you zing from thought to thought, concept to concept, and person to person with a dizzying facility that dazzles the world around you. The only downside is that this doesn’t exactly provide you or others with a sense of stability or fidelity.

People flock to your irreverent wit and charmingly unself-conscious self-confidence. Your ability to adapt to whatever surprises life tosses into the ring makes you resilient, bouncy, and endlessly re-inventive of self. One door slams, you blithely open another with a sure sense that some fun opportunity lies waiting behind it that you might not have found otherwise. No crying over spilled opportunity for you…just on to the next with a keen sense of expectation.

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Astrological Insights for
 Taurus / May

The glyph for Taurus is the Bull, and, in metaphoric terms, it describes you to a T. The archetypal Taurus is strong, steady, independent, earthy, stubborn, and powerfully sexual.  Taurus is also a favorite of the Gods/Goddesses as bulls abounded in ancient fertility rites and sacred ceremonies. Even the magical Minotaur who guarded the Divine Mother’s secrets in the Labyrinth of Crete was reputedly a bull of mythic proportion and mystical powers.

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Astrological Charts

Do you have a copy of your own horoscope?  Whether you’re just curious about astrology or you have a genuine interest in knowing as much as possible about yourself, it’s good to know what the stars have to say about you, your relationships and your general well-being.  Here’s a very easy way to take a small step into this cosmic self-knowledge, available right now, right here at

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Astrological Insights for Aries / April

The zodiac begins with Aries. The sun’s dynamic energy is untamed there, and Mars, your celestial ruler, propels you out of the starting gate at a dead run. Never give up! Never give in! That’s your motto. Courageous, daring, aggressive, and fiery, you, dear Aries, are always driving forward in confident expectation of winning. You are action-central. You’ve got the will to begin, the courage to breakthrough, and the daring to rampage forward, no matter the odds. The symbol for Aries is the Ram, and you’re just as forthright as your glyph suggests. If you can control your impulsiveness and the belief that your way is the only way, you can ride your fiery energy and pioneering spirit into a spectacularly successful life and career. While you like to risk, you’re seldom irrational, and your practical, positive nature will not be put off by obstacles. If something doesn’t work, you just roll up your sleeves and fix it (or drive right over it). Hannibal’s famous motto, “We will find a way or make one,” is exactly your attitude about life.

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Astrological Insights for Pisces / March

You, dear Pisces, are the intuitive nerve ending of the Zodiac. If it exists, you feel it; if it doesn’t appear real to others, you feel it anyway.

It’s far easier to live with a Piscean than to be one. Your Neptunian ability to tap into the subtle dimensions of the Universe means you feel the thought forms of everyone around you. Like a Star Trek empath, you can feel the emotional undercurrent of the world and all those in it, which can make you feel like a compassionate punching bag. This double-edged sword of a gift makes you a brilliant visionary and capable of translating your magnificent, private dream world into art, letters, theatre, and music that could make the Muses sigh with envy. But, it also makes your heart an easy pin cushion for the slings and arrows that bounce off less sensitive natures.

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Astrological Insights for Aquarius

A Few Words about Aquarius

You’re probably the hardest sign of the Zodiac for others to figure out, dear Aquarius. You Water-bearers are the mental pioneers, the philanthropists, and the visionaries already living with one foot in the future-world. Yet, you tend to be closer to your vision and work than to people, and you often lose yourself in the freedom your soul demands. Thus, you ultimately stand alone.

Truth is, you’re quite intellectually elite in your thinking. Far out there…beyond the edge…way outside the box. However, you couch it; you’re not ordinary, and you’re certainly not average. You tinker with the unknowable and don’t believe in hanging onto old, outworn ideas, values, equipment, definitions, or even people.

Your ideals are grandiose and often extraordinary. Save the world, save the galaxy, save the spotted owl…causes excite you as long as they’re large and likely to change something dramatically. 

It’s said that you’d rather have a full mind than a full stomach – and, in truth, creature comforts are not all that much of an issue for you. Intellect is. You admire truth and genuine intellectual curiosity.  You abhor injustice, superficiality, and boredom. 

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Astrological Insights for Capricorn / January

You were born to be in charge, my dear Capricorn. You know what you want out of life, and you’re willing to work your tail off to get it. You’ll persevere when others drop out of the race; you’re patient when others lose their cool. There’s almost nothing you can’t achieve, provided you believe hard enough and keep your balance. You have the capacity to inspire trust, loyalty, and constancy in those who rely on you, in work, in the family, or in love. The only trouble with all that is you often shoulder the burdens of all those who think you hung the Moon.

By the way, underneath all that authoritative, hardworking confidence, there’s a deep love of family, home, hearth, and all that signifies the past, be it people or antiquities. The trouble is you appear so cool and self-contained it throws people off-track before they uncover the romantic who lies within. Of course, that’s just the way you want it, dear, deep Capricorn, as you don’t relish anyone however well-meaning, who treads on your personal boundaries.

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Astrological Insights for Sagittarius / December

A Few Words about Sagittarius

The exuberant you has an endless capacity to celebrate all the miracles you’ve invited into your life.  You’re lucky, you know that already; with benevolent Jupiter as your ruling sign, you can believe in yourself and feel no surprise if the world believes along with you.

Yet, your nature is more complex than it seems, dear Sagittarius.  You may look fun-loving and uncomplicated to the casual observer, but the glyph for your sign isn’t half-human, half-animal for no reason.  Most times, your straightforward, honorable nature shoots idealistically for the stars, but there are plenty of tugs from your sensual animal appetites to remind you just how human you are.

People see you as the hale-fellow-well-met, don’t they?  Happy, joyous, frank, and friendly.  Great at sports and generous with both money and self.  What they may not be aware of – because it’s a secret you get a kick out of keeping – is that your deeply spiritual side seeks truth and justice with the unswerving instinct of a truffle-hound on the scent.  And while you may seem all about fun and games, there’s a lot more depth of field to you than you care to let on.  More, in fact, than you find easy to cope with.

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Astrological Insights for Scorpio

Passion is your essence, Scorpio – no surprise there.  It drives you into bed, into intensity, into causes, and sometimes into hot water.

You are Fire of Water in the Tarot deck, the most dynamic and by far the wildest of the water signs.  Your strong, steady energy, immense appetites and a longer than average lifespan make you formidable on nearly every level of life.  You are like a force of nature – you must be contended with.

There are fascinating contradictions in your nature that sometimes confuse even you, for you can be loyal to the death with those you love, but should they cross you, wounding your emotional self-esteem, you become the most dangerous enemy in the zodiac.  In Les Miserables, both Jean Val Jean and Inspector Javert showed characteristics that could easily be Scorpio.

Everybody knows Scorpios are great in bed – passionate, intuitive, wildly full of sexual secrets.  What they may not know is how great you can be in anything that requires deep seated intuition, powerful strength in the clinches, and an unwavering determination to meet the goal (whatever that may be!)

You’re profoundly interested in the great mysteries:  death, sex, and the workings of the universe, and you’re utterly relentless in your pursuit of what you want to know.  Few truly know you, although many may think they do, for much of your true being lies hidden beneath the tidal emotions that ruffle the surface, but run deep as the Atlantic. 

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A Solar Eclipse on Friday the 13th!?

Feelings, emotions and love are Cancer’s long suit. So you can expect this Friday’s Solar Eclipse  to help you rediscover yourself, your truth, your emotional core and be happy as a clam about it!

Think empathy, abundance, compassion, happiness…because they’ll be in the air on Friday, when a transformational energy lets your emotions loose to help you lay new foundations under your dreams and receive newfound strength to make them into reality.

Poor Friday the 13th!  It is much maligned and for a long-unnecessary reason.

It got a bad rep because it was on this date in 1307 when a greedy king and a conniving Pope arrested all Knights Templar in a single day, in an attempt to steal their fabled fortune.

Much as I love the tales of the Knights Templar, and often have them as characters in my books, unless you are a current Templar Knight in thrall to the past, I think you no longer need worry about Friday the 13th.  Especially not this one!

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Astrological Insights for Cancer


July 5th will be great for canoodling with your great love, you romantic soul, you.  The Sun will be shining on Jupiter in your 5th House so you and your significant other and your family can all enjoy yourselves.  But in general, this month is far better for money than for love!  Which is just fine with you, dear friend, because Cancerians, deep down, really appreciate feeling financially secure almost as much as they adore being loved.

It would be good to tread lightly on the 12th when a New Moon eclipse in Cancer, opposes Pluto in your 7th House of Partnership and Marriage.  Any emotional disagreement could snap out of hand under this aspect, so before arguing your case (even if you’re in the right) better take a deep breath, center yourself, and live to fight another day.  You’re putting your focus on career and finance this month anyway, where you’ll find yourself making excellent decisions, and consequent gains.  Just leave the love-stuff and partnership issues for another, more emotionally generous month.

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