The Semiotics Of Ageing IN Advertising: Our Changing Discussion on Age

In the ongoing conversation about aging, we HipSilvers are the generation that will fundamentally change the way society talks and thinks about age. We started a revolution in the 60’s and we’re continuing it in our 60’s and beyond! 70 really is the new 50. Advertisers are paying attention; Estée Lauder, for example, has brought back their old beauty icon, 66 year old Isabella Rossellini, after dropping her in her 40’s. The new dialog eschews the idea that wrinkles are flaws, reminding the world that the emergence of this dermatological landscape of lines and crevices demonstrates experience and a ‘knowing' resulting from having lived it. Thus, wrinkles present true beauty. “Society has been oriented towards youth, but this trend is changing: the growing number of people who are now classified as senior citizens is a powerful force for change” (Stuckleberger).