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Hit the Deck!

Ahh...the trials of life today.

The messy political scene, the tech overload, multi-tasking and frantically trying to figure out what our next move will be...

You might remember a saying from not so long ago, “It’s all in the cards?” Sort of a retro expression of “whatever will be, will be?” Well, it just might be that that “retro” expression is making its way into the mainstream today at breakneck speed.

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The Tentacles of Tech

It won’t be long now.

Till a tiny baby, making it’s way out of the birth canal will be looking here and there in the placenta… for an IPhone!! Or…could a baby’s first words upon being questioned “who are you?” possibly be…”Google me!”

If you think this is ridiculously far-fetched, or a story about some loony star-trekked universe…think again.

What can you not find in the world of tech…. and at what speed are devices being created that further tether us to our computers and phones and other new inventions.

How long will it be until tech can invade a brain…a brain of a fetus, a newborn or a stressed out six-year old hacker? We have jumped the mile, over the puddle, and into the lake.

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Easter…with egg on my face.

I try hard not to ignore Easter. It’s the holiday of my childhood when I could overdose on chocolate bunnies and hardboiled egg hunts… And although I know the religious meaning of the holiday, I somehow smell that it has become one big sloppy yummy candy fest. But after Valentine’s Day in February, I can still remember the bloat of the chocolate hearts I ate, and I just feel like I need a break. Maybe a month with nothing.

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The Ides of March Madness

Ahh yes…March has arrived. No fanfare… no super holiday…and man, lots of wind!

March is the foster child of the calendar.

And it knows it, big time!

Think about it. We’ve come through January, still celebrating the joy of a New Year, unless we’re glued to the News reports. Sure, January has its cold spells and some snow spells, but do we care? We’re still high on the expectation of what might happen for us in this New Year…our resolutions freshly inked on a page somewhere in a journal buried in some drawer, and then comes February. Well yes, February can hand us some unbearable weather, but who cares? The expectation of a coming Valentine’s Day makes it a favorite for being able to overdose on love and cards and tons of chocolate.

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The Numbers Game...

Ah...It’s interesting how we perceive numbers, and how we play with numbers. Sometimes, we go on a search for lucky numbers or pray for winning numbers (or even toy around with some sexy numbers...)
But, the most interesting “numbers” are clearly the ones relating to years. Our years.

A while ago, as I was sitting in a restaurant with a young friend, the table next to us had two rather-attractive men in their late forties or early fifties with a great-looking woman: deep brown eyes, long auburn hair, and a toned bod! She looked to be in her mid or early thirties. They had been talking and laughing loudly as my friend and I were trying to eat our lunch. At one point, my friend had to go to the bathroom, and, at that same moment, the woman at the next table got up to leave. She hugged both men, smiled, and split. A minute later, one of the men remarked “Wow, she’s adorable, great personality...really liked her!” The other man said “Yeah, she’s great. I think you should call her...” at which point the first man asked “So, how old is she?” “Forty-two” was the answer. The first guy paused for a minute, his fork halfway to his mouth, took a beat, and said “Oh...forget it...too old!” and then chewed and swallowed his food.

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Stumbling Into Fall

The weather’s heat is mostly gone and leaves now change each day while deck chairs fold, (and cry I’m told) when packed and locked away…

the swimming pools are history the kids pack into schools and summer’s dreams are memory and traffic moves like mules…

it seems unfair and cruel to me and simply quite a bummer that we can’t pack September in to add some time to summer!

just think of how you would not care when August was receding

with one more month to flake around or catch up on your reading

the kids would have a longer time to get in much more trouble

and one more month to stay undressed makes satisfaction double

at least you would be open for October’s windy start and extra time to just relax

is better for your heart..

we can’t petition Government but we’ve got major force cause if we all refused to work they don’t have no recourse…

I say, lets take September back it’s time to make that call... more time to get our ass in gear while drifting...

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Ode to Moms

An Ode (Owed) to Moms...
dear Mom,
I know I made you nuts
when I smeared chocolate in my bed
or poured some mayo on my head
or crayoned up our outside door
(and, that’s when I was only four!)
at six I wouldn’t brush my teeth
and daily picked my nose
at nine I shaved our dog’s long hair
at ten, I wore your clothes
and threw your shoes into my bath
and drowned them, I suppose..
at twelve I practiced “no!” and “can’t!”
and used them in a daily rant
no matter what you did or said
I counter-acted with my head
my clothes all strewn across the floor
with tons of things stuffed in my drawer
then thirteen came with swingin’ moods
and often snarky attitudes
when I got what us girls get then
and I refused to wash my hair
or sometimes put on underwear
that I had worn three days before
the nights I came back home at three
my breath consumed with J&B
you wondered if I’d lost it yet
at seventeen? a fair sure bet
I binged old movies every night
while you screamed, “missy...
shut that light!”
and I said sure, a lie, no doubt
till three AM when I passed out
then college bound and into grass
and jeans that would enhance my ass
I passed, I failed, I passed again
(depending on my nights with men!)
but when that graduation came
you cried when they announced my name

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