STYLECASTER features HipSilver founder/CEO, Gail Bruce

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HipSilver Founder / CEO, Gail Bruce, is proud to be featured in the latest Stylecaster piece, “31 Incredibly Stylish People Tell Us About Their Evening Routines” by Lindsey Lanquist.

”Gail Bruce, 77, Founder of Hip Silver
6:00 P.M.-8:00 P.M.- After a day of work ending anywhere between 6-8 P.M., I leave the office and start winding down. I usually get home around 7:00 P.M., have a light dinner and glass of wine, change into something comfortable, and clear emails.desk at home before putting on the news. I drink plenty of water and make sure to take vitamins/heart supplements in case I was too rushed in the morning. I shower every other day to help maintain moisture in my hair, which I wash with White Hot Hair Shampoo ($16.85 at Hip Silver).
8:30 P.M.- I then wash my face, and do facial exercises that improve my jowl line and facial tone. This something helpful for people in mid-life and of the Silver Age to keep in mind—we exercise our bodies but never think to exercise our faces. Moisturizing is essential, so I use Superfatted Cream ($30 at Janet Sartin) for my eyes and upper arms. (I’ve been using Janet Sartin products since I was 19 yrs old when I first started modeling!)”

We at HipSilver couldn’t be happier!