September  Lament

Cynthia Adler

Hey…so what ever happened this year

with the Summer?

It went by so fast, it was more than a bummer!

The rain, with the heat, the political stew…

Made it feel like it melted three months into two!

Long before I could get all my days in to swim

I was back on a pavement, en route to a gym

And the trains were now loaded, with phones 

neck to neck…

In that energy shift, back to living on Tech!

Tell me why did it fly with such movable speed

Where I couldn’t get all of the days that I need?

I was ready to laze on a chaise in the sands

When it seemed I got “plucked” by invisible hands

So although it’s not fair, and there’s no way to reason

With this little skimpy and incomplete season…

We might just as well all embrace this new Fall

In the spirit of making this year…

One great call!

(wait for the pumpkins…)