HipSilver website seeks to give voice to a generation!

Hip. Silver. The two words rolled off the tongue of Gail Hire Bruce as she contemplated the perfect name for her new website, HipSilver.com. The website motto speaks of the direction in the very first line: “HipSilver is curated by and for men and women of the Silver Generation.”

HipSilver.com includes topics such as wellness, art, beauty, men’s and women’s fashions, accessories, food, wine, travel and astrology. There is a marketplace section that presents an array of products, often handmade, that customers can order online.

Bruce, who is the CEO and founder of the website, is not a newcomer to the fashion and business industry. She began her career as a model and appeared in both print and film. She is a producer, artist, American Indian education activist and entrepreneur. She and her husband, producer/director Murray Bruce, own Ramscale Studios, a corporate event venue in New York City.