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Do you have a copy of your own horoscope?  Whether you’re just curious about astrology or you have a genuine interest in knowing as much as possible about yourself, it’s good to know what the stars have to say about you, your relationships and your general well-being.  Here’s a very easy way to take a small step into this cosmic self-knowledge, available right now, right here at

We’re delighted to be partnering with Keplar’s renowned AstroSoftware so you can now order your horoscope

and more right here … right now!

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When you click the box for your desired chart, you’ll be zoomed through to Keplar to place your order and receive your instantaneous report on-line.

Indra Natal Report

Want to have a comprehensive report on what your astrological chart really reveals about you?  Our Indra Natal Report paints an amazing portrait of who you are and where you’re going.

Cosmo Compatibility Report

Is your relationship with your significant other heaven-sent or star-crossed? Explore the strengths and  weaknesses of your love connection and get insights into what to do about them? Our Cosmo Compatibility Report has your answers.

Flower Essence and Gem Report

Want to expand your outlook, enhance your wellbeing, and transform your life? Based on your horoscope, our beautiful Flower Essence and Gem Report can give you insights to amaze and transform with gem elixers, flower essences, color, music, aroma therapy and visualization. Don’t miss this one!

Major Life Theme Report

Longing for a quick look at what your Major Life Theme Report can suggest for your future? This report is an insight-ful snapshot of what you’ve brought to the party of life this time around and how best to use your gifts!

Want a delightful bonus just for exploring the stars with us?

We’ll send you a full color horoscope chart to help you explore your destiny …instantly and absolutely free.

Soon we’ll be adding Personal Phone Readings to our astrological cornucopeia, too!  But why wait? Why not experience the instant gratification of learning what the stars have to say about you, right this minute!