A New - New Year's Resolution


For years I wrote them down...I did!

The quid pro quos of where to go and what to do

A list of affirmations

Of the things that I would this year write

About the fight in politics

Or poems for kicks

Or books I still had in my head

Or promise I would get to bed before the rooster went to crow

And places I might want to go

To give myself a fringe escape

While mountains of those endless notes would pile up fast...

The underwear I should replace

And face the fact I still ate sweets into the night, (in private too!)

The slew of friends I’d give a call, when out of touch for months or years

Back off on all my email hours

Get flowers that smell

And tell myself to shower more than once a week

I’d speak to people on the train who looked forlorn or just confused

I’d throw used toothpaste out at last

Skip TV shows inane or creepy, that fry your brain or raise your BP

All these I wrote, and so much more

But things I promised me each year, I’d watch them slowly disappear

And then of course, came shame and doubt

So this year...I just threw them out!

Then came a message loud and clear

“One Resolution for this year!”

Just live your life Carte Blanche, I say

Each day the best that it can be

And work those dreams you contemplate

And they’ll show up

with time...

Or fate.

Happy New Year HipSilvers!