7 tips for traveling solo as a senior


Retirement offers the perfect opportunity to travel; you have the time to set out and indulge in your curiosity about the world and its people. But for many, not having a partner to travel with is enough to keep them at home. Setting off on a trip on your own can seem intimidating. Happily, the opportunities for solo travel have never been better. Hotels, travel companies, and cruise lines have kept pace with increasing demand and added options to ensure that a trip for one is just as fulfilling and affordable as a reservation for two.

Still, for many of us, the thought of venturing alone to points unknown can be daunting. Worries range from getting ill or lost, to being stuck next to a boor on an endless bus trip. There are some types of holidays that are better than others for offering solo travelers opportunities to meet new people (and to ditch them if they're not a good match), develop new skills, or to have an adventure. With a little research, and the following tips, you can plan a trip that suits you — whether you're looking for culture, education, or wellness, or ticking something special off your bucket list: