Soke Grandmaster Bob Martin's fourth video in this Hipsilver Self-Defense Series "Redirection."

Soke Grandmaster Bob Martin (Founder and Chief Instructor of Unified Force Martial Arts) is happy to provide HipSilvers with essential tips for self-defense. He explains how to utilize your opponent’s strength against them alongside the psychological principles of close-quarter engagements. We’re certain his insights will help you feel safe and in control on the go.

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Astrological Insights for Leo and all signs in August

Your birthday month may feel like a lovely fairytale this year, dear Leo – energized by Mars and Venus, there are opportunities to be even more creative and flamboyant than usual.  You’ll be feeling playful and sun-drenched, aglow in the light of Summer and your charismatic optimism, as your natural magnetism is enhanced.  And you’re right to feel all that!  Just one caveat, my Leo friend – if your inclination is to buck authority, don’t do it now!  Wait and see how things play out in the next month or two and you’ll be glad you had patience to wait.  Things are moving behind the scenes and you’ll see the results by Fall.  As a matter of fact, a fresh income stream may appear by the 30th.

You’re feeling and looking luminous and people are noticing big changes in you, as the issues of the past few months evaporate and your sense of the magic in your life soars once again.  Just try not to over-do it about absolutely everything!  You have time now for both the spotlight and for enjoying the ride at your kingly leisure.  Just let the summer’s good times flow in over you and you’ll feel resuscitated and rejuvenated by Labor Day.

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One Boomer’s Journey: First Time Out

My own travel journey started in May 1968 on a highway ramp in England, with my backpack hoisted and my thumb pointed optimistically toward the English Channel ferry. A queasy stomach belied my confident air: What on earth was a 19-year-old college girl doing in the chilly English countryside, thumbing a ride from truckers? I’d arrived with a proper suitcase and romantic visions of Europe gleaned largely from Three Coins in a Fountain. But, once in London, where the Sixties counterculture was a wild jump ahead of America’s, I traded my valise for a rucksack and melted into the throng of European students.

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