This program is designed for women over 50 to fully enjoy:

  • freedom from hormonal symptoms

  • reduced body fat & enhanced metabolism

  • regular restful sleep

  • vibrant sexuality

  • mental & emotional clarity

  • youthful aging and appearance

  • a juicy quality-of-life into maturity!

As a certified Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner and Management of Menopause TypeTM specialist, I have developed a completely personalized, 3-step natural hormone restoral program that not only addresses your symptoms but also resolves their underlying causes and taps into Mother Nature’s backup plan with:

  • Step 1: Specific nutrition and lifestyle upgrades, customized for your blood type, your Ayurvedic constitutional type, your specific symptoms, and your personal preferences

  • Step 2: Lab tests, alongside your symptoms, leading to natural remedies, including herbal formulations, and protocols to support your body in restoring optimal levels of hormones and essential oils

  • Step 3: Our specific recommendations for targeted bio-identical hormonal support if you have deeper issues and symptoms

What You Will Receive During These 90 Days of Transformation:

  • In-depth, 1-1/2 hour, kick-off online session, a foundation for your new wellness lifestyle with Q&A & replay

  • 4 additional Juiciest You Coaching & Support online sessions (1 hour each) with Q&A & replays

  • Ayurvedic assessment for your specific constitutional type & imbalances

  • 2 sets of home hormone test kits to determine your key hormone levels at the beginning and end of the program ($500 value)

  • Goal setting, visioning, developing strategies, and eliciting potential objections

  • Neuro-Linguistic (NLP) tools and processes to help break old patterns and upgrade to new ones

  • 90 Days to Your Juiciest Life Workbook with forms, questionnaires, journaling, and much more to organize your information and experiences

  • Shopping lists, menu plans, and recipe recommendations

  • Strategies for delicious, healthy eating that fits your lifestyle

  • Weekly action guides

  • Unlimited email access for questions & support

Plus additional bonuses:

  • Bonus: 1 hour private phone coaching session

  • Bonus: 5 videos where I will teach the components of your juiciest life:

    • Your New Wellness Paradigm: going way beyond symptoms, and aligning with your highest body-mind wisdom

    • Mastering the Hormone Balancing Act: a perfect mini-course for understanding and balancing your hormones

    • The Importance of Your Blood Type: outlining the specific physiology of your blood type so you can make the optimal nutrition, lifestyle, and prevention choices for you

    • The Wisdom of Your Ayurvedic Constitutional Type: an exciting intro to this sister science of yoga with exquisite and personalized tools for balance and rejuvenation

    • Your “Ideal Cuisine”: my yummy Gourmet Wellness signature system, completely tailored to your preferences

  • Bonus: Guest appearance from fitness expert Andrea Hammer

  • Bonus: Membership in our exclusive Facebook group for rich community engagement

  • Bonus: Accountability buddies for ongoing personal support

  • Bonus: Live Celebration Session in NYC in July to conclude our program


  • pay-in-full option of $3200 for HipSilver community (regularly $3600); or

  • 4-payment plan option with $1300 deposit, then 3 payments of $800 (total $3700)


April – July, 2018

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