I am delighted to kick off my wellness offerings to HipSilver with my own exciting proprietary program: 90 Days to Your Juiciest Life, the Total Wellness Solution for Women 50+.


This interactive online coaching program is designed for women over 50 to achieve:

  • freedom from hormonal symptoms

  • reduced body fat & enhanced metabolism

  • regular restful sleep

  • vibrant sexuality

  • mental & emotional clarity

  • youthful aging and appearance

  • a juicy quality-of-life into maturity!

Here’s why I hope you decide this could be the right program for you:

  • You are a Silver Generation woman frustrated by the lack of information and support for the common wellness issues you face as a post-menopausal woman.

  • You want to empower yourself by finding real, natural solutions to these issues instead of band-aids that mask your symptoms.

  • You want to know what to eat, all your optimal lifestyle choices, and your natural remedy options so you can truly thrive as a Silver Generation woman.

  • You’d like to be part of a group of other inspiring Silver Generation women, facilitated by one who has spent the past 25 years designing and mastering these strategies for herself and her clients (*or to enjoy this as an individual program).

  • You are open to a truly transformational wellness experience.

For all the details about the exciting program: click here.

If you are excited, interested, or just curious about whether this program is right for you, Susan would be delighted to speak with you personally to answer any questions you may have. To schedule a brief chat: click here.

We hope you’ll want to also enjoy an exciting “Sneak Peak” of the program, so please join Susan for this complimentary webinar:

“Discover the Secrets to Your Juiciest Life After 50: Your Path to True Health & Vitality!”

  • In the comfort of your home

  • To register for the live webinar event, and/or to receive the recording, click here.