An Invitation for You! 

Join Susan Joyce Proctor on a 90 Day Journey to Your Juiciest Life


Many women over 50 are living with very unwelcome physical and emotional changes after menopause. If this is you, and you believe these are inevitable effects of hormone loss and age, I have wonderful news for you:

Most are not!!! Mother Nature has a back-up plan to keep us vital and juicy even after menopause. But hardly anyone knows about this, and even fewer know how to access it….


Through working with clients for over 25 years, I developed a holistic wellness model that provides easy access to the wisdom of Mother Nature’s back-up plan. As you will discover, your symptoms are simply imbalances that we can balance with the right foods, lifestyle choices and natural remedies. (And truly, the solutions are WAY easier than living with the symptoms!)

Because even if your hot flashes are over, post-menopausal hormone changes can show up as lots of other issues, like:

  • Stubborn weight gain, especially that “muffin top”

  • Dryness (skin, eyes, and yes, vagina)

  • Insomnia and sleep disturbances

  • Loss of libido and sexual pleasure

  • Reduction in bone and muscle tone

  • Anxiety, mood swings and depression

  • Wrinkles and sagging skin

  • New and worsening symptoms of all kinds

  • And more unwanted stuff….

These can be terribly frustrating, but your doctor probably has little to offer, other than treating your symptoms with band aids (which often have their own problems). And up until now, you probably haven’t known where else to turn to safely restore balance and resolve all those symptoms -- and that you really can “get your juicy back.”

That is exactly why I created this program. For most women over 50, your quality of life can be SO much better than it is right now….